What is VoIP and how does it work?

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is a technology which enables you to send your voice over the internet. The voice is converted from an analog signal to a digital signal which is then transmitted over the internet where it is converted back to analog signal at the receiving end. For a smoother communication using VoIP, you require a stable and reliable broadband internet connection with sufficient bandwidth.

Can I use my computer while making a call using VoIP?

Absolutely. VoIP does not stop you from working on your computer while using VoIP. However, avoid using streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix etc. which would put a lot of strain on your internet consumption.

Why should I use VoIP?

There are many advantages which make VoIP a superior method of communication over traditional telephony. Some of the advantages of VoIP include cheap price, ability to talk to customer from any country with a local number, call forwarding, call recording, scalability and integration with CRM to maintain an excellent customer relation. Read our blog to know more about these advantages.

What are the most common issues with VoIP?

There are few common problems you might encounter while using VoIP. The list of potential issues include, choppy voice, audio delays, echo, inconsistent call quality, etc. Luckily, there are easy solutions to fix these issues.


Can I record calls?

Moitele offers an excellent call recording service, which lets you to analyse the calls made by your agents and build a strategy to follow up on your business lead.
Call recording is also an excellent tool to monitor and gauge your agents’ performance and helps you assignthe right agents for the right task.

How is Moitele different from Skype or Google Voice? Why is Moitele better suited for my business needs?

As far as the consumer is concerned, Skype or Google Voice work similar to Moitele to an extent. Both Skype and Google Voice are simple tools for the consumers to send free messages and make calls over the internet. But that’s about it.

Skype or Google do not offer services which are crucial for running a successful business. Moitele provides an entire business communication package. It includes services such as call recording, call forwarding and most importantly performance analytics. Also, you can intergrateMoitele with CRM to maintain excellent customer relationship. Besides these services, we also provide virtual numbers. You can make calls to your customers with local numbers. This feature greatly enhances your chance of reaching out to your customer while instilling enormous trust in your company. You can read our blog to understand the services we provide and why you should use Moitele for your business needs.

Do you offer virtual numbers?

We, most certainly, do. Virtual number is amazing tool which makes your geographical location irrelevant. With virtual numbers your customer feels safe to answer the calls and you do not miss out on the potential sale.

What kind of performance analytics reports do you offer?

With our easy-to-use portal you are always in control of the data. The dashboard gives you snap shot of all important aspects related to the calls made to you and made by you. You’ll have real time access to detailed reports of user calls, call duration, call volume, average talk time and many more. These reports help you analyse and introspect your team’s performance which is critical to run a successful business.


Do I need any special gadgets to use VoIP for my business?

No, you don’t. All you need is computer with a stable and reliable internet connection.

What is the recommended broadband speed for a high-quality call?

For a high-quality call, you would require internet service which provides at least 200 Kbps of download and upload speeds. However, for a regular quality call an internet service with 90 Kbps download and upload speeds will suffice. It is highly recommended to check the speed of your internet every now and then for easy troubleshooting when call quality related issues arise.

Is it necessary to have an existing phone number?

No, you don’t to have one. This is one of the greatest benefits of using VoIP. With VoIP you choose any local number which suits your business needs. You can be based in one country and you customer is from another country. You can have a phone number which is local to your customer.

Do I need to be some sort of a wizard to setup and use VoIP services?

Absolutely not. You can be a regular, smart entrepreneur focusing on developing your business without worrying about the technical stuff related to VoIP. You don’t need a trained technician to install and maintain VoIP. Moitele provides an excellent technical support should there be any problem. Just reach out to us.

If you haven’t found the answers you are looking for, just contact us. Rest assured we will do our best to provide you with the solution in no time.