Built from the ground up by the visionary founders of Moitele and the smartest software developers, the customer portal offers users a versatile platform to interact and communicate.

The user portal was designed so that any employee of any size of organization could learn to use it instantaneously.


Following global login and registration patterns known to all, users can create and kick start a new account within minutes. Once access to an account is granted all the useful tools and information are neatly visible on the left hand side panel of the portal.

As seen on the picture below, all key tools can be easily accessed via the panel on the left.


The calls section is excellent for admins and employees to view data and summary of incoming/outgoing calls. This allows for a smoother management flow to understand the employee’s activities but also collect crucial data such as excel sheets, call recordings, caller ID, numbers dialed, destination etc. 

The straightforward nature of this nature allows new users to easily access and use the calls section. Data is available to users for a period up to three months time. 


Users can navigate to this section from the main page to access employee and agent analytics. Employee analytics will display activity of calls made by employee and agent analytics shows the activity of each agent. 

The report can be easily downloaded in CSV format and is available to users for upto seven days. 


This section is simple and smooth to manage all the agents. Users can manage each agent and their login information and the filters allow users to filter different agents. The status can be easily toggled as active/inactive and the data can be exported. 


A personal favorite of many Moitele users, the teams section allows the admin to assign and create different teams based on their duties. Access to different sections of the user portal can be assigned to different members of the team to avoid confusion while using the portal. 

Newly updated, this section has improved logic which allows the user to manage the teams and its members simultaneously without requiring extra action. Example: while creating a new team member, the user is also able to create a new team and new roles. 


This is a section that will bring users more surprises in the future. Currently, users can add new campaigns for certain periods to monitor the target and leads generated by different teams. Additionally, users can also assign destinations prohibited to dial during the campaign.

This section works beautifully when paired with the teams section and the DNC, which will be explained in more detail below. 


A very straightforward section that allows the admins and management to monitor the billing, invoices and purchases with Moitele. 

The invoices can be searched using the filters and data can be downloaded in CSV format


This section offers two unique tools that allows users to trigger active/inactive calling destinations and also prohibit certain numbers being dialed. 

Active/inactive destination selection is very useful during a campaign season, where the target is to call certain countries. 

Blacklist is a compliance tool for instances where a prospect or client does not wish to be contacted. Adding the phone number to the blacklist prevents employees from dialing. 

Public URL 

Each section of the customer portal triggers useful data summaries of the activities and the public URL allows for the data to be displayed on an external link without the need for logging in.

Public dashboards are easy to generate and come in handy during important meetings and events where the focus is on the data. 


The data generated in each section is displayed in downloads to offer a summary of the data generated. This gives the management an opportunity to collect and organize the data for future purposes such as training and reports. 


Each section and feature within the portal is built to complement each other. This makes the user portal an omnichannel platform that allows the business to perform different functions with ease.

Next week, we cover the importance of using an omnichannel user portal.

Stay tuned💙

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