In addition to having a flexible VoIP provider, a voice service that improves flexibility within your organization is important. VoIP has the power to create business growth by offering key features that accelerate business development.

At Moitele, our key charts in the public dashboard and uptime monitoring help boost our user’s efficiency. 

When thinking about versatile VoIP services there are two perspectives to look at. The overall flexibility VoIP can offer your business and choosing the correct provider who can understand your needs and offer streamlined solutions. 

VoIP calling and Flexibility 

Businesses have grown to be more and more flexible given global circumstances that require employees to work remotely. Efficiency can still be maintained through effective communication and tools to measure KPI’s within an organization.

Here are a few points on how VoIP calling is flexible:

  • Streamlined usage of services
  • Cost and time saving, you do not have to set up physical lines.
  • Easy to set up 
  • Global reach
  • Improving internal communications from anywhere
  • Seamless customer support
  • You only need a proper internet bandwidth 

When travelling and working, VoIP users can simply connect to a network to use voice calling services and need not set up phone plans, thus saving time. Instead of subscribing to a local phone network or buying a new sim card, you can rely on VoIP and continue using a familiar service.  

Moitele and Flexibility 

At Moitele we aim to go further than simply offering our users a voice calling service, we offer an experience and a flexible service. Our users can choose how they would prefer to use our services and we tailor our solutions based on their needs. 

Last week team Moitele discussed choosing a VoIP provider and how allowing users to pay as they go is a flexible means of payment. There are no strings tied but only focus is the customer’s needs and how users can make the most out of our service. 

Account Flexibility

Starting with an account based on your functionality within an organization: admin, agent and teams. Each user has their own customer portal rights in accordance with other members within the organization.

Admin account allows users to monitor and manage teams and agents to keep updated on operational functions.


Payment Flexibility 

Flexible payment options allow users to use Moitele according to needs and demands as they arise. There are busier periods which require a larger account balance which can be easily added to the account and taken into effect immediately.

Users can monitor their needs and decide how much they would like to top-up by using the key analytics offered in the customer portal. 


Work from home solutions

Working from home offers employees a flexible option if they reside in another country or are unable to visit the office in person. Users at Moitele not only benefit from the employee’s end but also from the managerial perspective.

Management can keep in touch with employees through our easy to use softphone and by monitoring the data and analytics offered in customer portal. By monitoring the KPI’s, managers can improve efficiency and collaboration within the company.

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