There are many things to take into account when looking for the next best VoIP provider for your business. You want a service that is versatile enough to handle internal operations, collect metrics, measure KPI’s. 

In short everyone is looking for a voice calling solution that works well and according to the user’s needs. Before we can share the benefits of what Moitele can offer, let’s discuss the benefits of using VoIP. 

What are the benefits of VoIP?

  • Cheap calling 
  • Multiple phone numbers
  • Only need proper internet bandwidth
  • International calling rates
  • Teams and campaigns 


What to consider when choosing what VoIP?

  • Price
  • Service
  • Quality of customer support
  • Service plans 
  • Proper uptime monitoring 


Why choose Moitele for your VoIP needs?

The past few weeks we have covered many crucial areas of our offerings and we will summarize what makes us so special by sharing our unique points.

Interactive customer portal

Our customer portal is beautifully designed to be intuitive to the user’s needs. Perform multiple functions out of the user portal and customize it according to your needs.


Moitele Softphone

Pairing Moitele services with our excellent softphone is a great addition to your business.

Our softphone is so damn good, it saves you a lot of calling time with features that eliminate the need to copy/paste numbers,  call recording feature, call conferencing, call forwarding and the excellent webhook URL. 


Public Dashboard

Our customer portal provides a public dashboard for you to access key graphs and charts at the tip of your fingers. If you are at an event or anywhere really, all you need is internet access to display your key charts.


Click-to- dial extension

Click-to-dial is an extension that works on most browsers allowing you to make calls by clicking on any number you find on web pages.


Pay as you go

Moitele wants to offer users an opportunity to utilize our services based on individual needs. You can top-up your account and pay as you go with Moitele



It is amazing to have all the above features but without proper voice quality the above proves to be redundant. Moitele aims to provide our customers with the best voice quality in the industry with rates you can trust. Moitele monitors call quality to deliver the best voice quality.


Uptime Monitoring

At Moitele you can use to monitor the uptime and downtime of all our systems and troubleshoot problems faster


Customer support

Our team works tirelessly to offer you instantaneous support using different channels and means. Users can contact us directly from their user portal and chat with a customer support expert.

Users can access the plethora of articles on our knowledgebase to solve issues. We believe a good service requires excellent customer service where you can rely your trust on.


We hope we have provided you with needful information for when you require a VoIP provider. When considering whom to choose, we hope Moitele is on your list.

If you already require our services you can easily register on our website or email us at