Contact centers and business operations can receive more than high quality voice services from Moitele. Excellent voice quality is an essential  building block for contact centers but in the long run to achieve excellence and efficiency, monitoring tools are important. These monitoring tools offer an extra kick to teams, agents, and stakeholders within a company. 

The accessibility of such tools is of utter importance as well. During the current landscape created by the pandemic, businesses rely more and more on services that can excel and work from home. Public dashboard offers contact centers key analytics and demographics at their fingertips. Analytics and reports help generate sales and improve KPI’s. 

How does Public dashboard benefit companies?

The world has resolved to working remotely and remote work need not affect how contact centers measure and track performance. 

The logistics of using Moitele’s dashboard is simple and if you are still curious why companies need reporting and analytics, please read this blog post. Users can access the dashboard  key charts and analytics from any location. Here are a few benefits of using public dashboard:

  • Track your KPI’s
  • Collect important data 
  • Maximize the efficiency of business operations through rich data 
  • Use the customer portal’s intuitive features to save time and energy.

You are welcome to give these features a spin, simply contact team Moitele. You can share your needs with our team and we will offer you easy to use reliable solutions. 

How does Moitele public dashboard work? 

Users are given access to an intuitive and user friendly customer portal that places the power in your hands. Multiple search parameters allows you to look for specific data across time and narrow down relevant data. Contact centers can go beyond generating leads and use the public dashboard as a sales tool as well. You can save time and energy using the simplicity and efficiency of this feature.

Below we offer two practical examples of using a public dashboard:

Monitoring and presenting KPI’s

Let us paint you a picture. You are at your monthly meeting at work and you need to present monthly numbers on business operations. Would you rather spend a tedious amount of time creating a presentation, downloading the graphs, and inserting them into a presentation. Or would you generate a link with the necessary charts directly from Moitele customer portal? You can generate a link with graphs of your choosing, set a refresh time, share and regenerate new links as per your needs. THAT is simple. 

Marketing and Advertising tool

Are you headed to an event where your analytics and reports can help generate new leads? We got you. You can set up the public dashboard with specific charts you wish to display and plug your device to a screen. Your data will be refreshed and displayed to promote your business and attract potential investors. 

How can I use a public dashboard?

We believe in visual cues and will show you how to use this amazing feature preferred by our clients. Watch this video below and see how we can generate a public URL in under a minute !