Best practices. What are they?


Practices are little things we do on a daily basis to ensure sustainability. Practices can be as simple as brushing your teeth, grooming yourself, taking the trash out etc.

Practices are simple actions that require consistent efforts. Failing to acknowledge these minuscule details snowballs into chaos. How does this apply to VoIP?


VoIP and Mindful practices 


Planning on switching to VoIP for your business needs? The simplicity of a tool does not negate its maintenance. Same applies to VoIP. When you choose VoIP for your personal or professional needs, one needs to remember that it takes effort if you are new to it. 

VoIP services require a general know-how of how to execute things smoothly to ensure successful delivery of your services and operations.

In this week‘s blog post, Moitele team packs together some successful practices that will help your business when deciding to switch to VoIP.


What are some practices to inculcate when switching to VoIP? 

We like keeping things simple yet to the point. Let’s get into it!


IVR confusion

IVR is an interactive voice response system that simplifies your customers’ issues and saves your employee’s time. IVR executes the above through narrowing down the issue. Many businesses adopting IVR services fail to clarify the tone of the automated voice. A tone that can be distinguished from that of a live agent should be used to avoid confusion.

In addition, lack of personalization, active agents, proper redirection, poor quality and lack of maintenance affect companies from using IVR’s successfully. Address these issues and be proactive. 


Headset management 

VoIP is about voice calling. Bad quality headsets nullify your operations no matter how talented your agents are. Invest in good headsets and sound testing apparatus. A good headset will make sure you are heard and that your message has gone through.

At Moitele, when you use our softphones you can test the quality of your input and output devices to make sure you are meeting the industry standards in quality and support. 


Trained human resources

VoIP has simplified its services even further through IVR (Interactive Voice Response), yet that does not mean proper agent training is ignored. A live agent has a personal touch and ability to affect customer’s satisfaction levels.

Poorly trained agents affect the business and also the employees’ learning curve. Learning is a two way street and companies should be proactive in training the agents well.

Call recordings are a great way to train agents. Sharing a clip of how a successful sales call sounds like, goes further than learning via a written script. 


Monitor KPI’s

Every business is about big data now. Why? It allows us to monitor defects, offers insights into your customers, data driven operations and create targeted strategies.

Monitoring KPI’s when using VoIP services allows you to look within your organization and understand where you stand. Learn how your agents are performing and if further training is needed. Understand how your business is performing under the new change but most importantly, draft your growth. 


Reliable VoIP provider

Trust. Loyalty. These words are not just words, it’s a principle within businesses. Find a provider you can trust and rely on. Integrating VoIP services into your business requires a lot of patience and understanding what works best for you and your team.

A reliable VoIP provider is intuitive of your needs and offers your business the solution it needs. Solutions that benefit your business and your provider. At Moitele our team builds valuable professional relationships with our customers. There is more to that but that is for next week. 


Lastly, the best practice is educating yourself on VoIP and understanding how it works to a certain extent. This helps you navigate through your own company’s needs and make mindful choices. 


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