Business VoIP services allow SME’s to eliminate traditional methods and embrace advanced functionality with features such as call conferencing, appointment setting, IVR, call recording, softphones and other features respective to your needs and the VoIP provider. 

In today’s article we will discuss the different ways a business can use VoIP to scale their businesses and what Moitele offers in order to scale your business and go global. 

Why choose VoIP for your business? 

Every business relies on a set of tools that help the team and the employees achieve their goals. In sales there is reliance on a CRM tool to manage customer processes, there are ERP systems that help enterprises manage their businesses. 

In addition there is VoIP which allows for seamless communication within the organization regardless of location that allows business function globally.

How has VoIP helped businesses when working from home? 

The global pandemic situation has exposed a gaping need within businesses: accessibility and communication sans physical presence. The phenomenon of working from home and being effective away from brick and mortar offices has taken over the world.

Many employees achieve goals in non-traditional ways, thanks to VoIP services. VoIP has already broken the traditional mold by slowly replacing landlines and relying on a healthy internet bandwidth to establish communication. 

Reliance on cloud PBX has changed how businesses operate:  communication has been made seamless along with a boost to efficiency. The key is to locate what works for you and your business.

VoIP can be a powerful tool given your needs, if your aim is to go global then it is the perfect solution for you. Small businesses often lack the infrastructure to be able to grow and this can be solved by adapting to VoIP.

What solutions does Moitele offer your business? 

Team Moitele has crafted solutions based on customer’s needs since the origin of its services. Here are a few solutions that allows businesses to excel and go global:


How does Moitele deliver?

Moitele delivers through these three key factors:


Improvements offered to businesses by Moitele

Based on case studies

  • Sales increased by 15%
  • Support requests decreased by 25%
  • Customer satisfaction improved by 10%
  • Productivity improved by 25%
  • Lead nurturing time reduced by 10%
  • Ability to pursue interests globally