Reach out to global prospects with Moitele

✨ “The main reason we chose to use Moitele for our business is because of the customer support. The timely support goes very far and we are satisfied.”


“We highly recommend Moitele to anyone wanting to expand their business globally” ✨


Naeem Mulla, Business Development Manager, AV IT Business Solutions


AV IT Business Solution is an established Marketing and Advertising company in the ITES industry that is result driven and enables their clients meet their target goals. The company focuses on technology driven solutions, media houses and marketing organizations.

The team needed a service that allowed them to smoothly reach prospects while improving their internal productivity. 

Moitele helped AV IT Business Solutions by offering a contact center platform with premium voice quality and a customer portal that helped them with secured data access to monitor employees productivity and performance. 



The business development team at AV IT Business solutions noticed that they needed reliable tools for their lead generation activities. The team required optimized solutions to reach their global prospects, receive timely support and capability to monitor their KPIs within the team.

In order to reach these goals, AV IT Solutions required a service that addresses the following concerns: 

  • Ability to run voice campaigns 
  • Tools that help monitor employee productivity 
  • High-quality voice calling services 
  • Timely support that enhances productivity and efficiency.
  • Additional tools that assist data sharing across various departments



The business development team at AV IT Solutions came across Moitele Cloud Communications and noticed that our solutions were checking a lot of their boxes and concerns. Moitele offered their team an opportunity to test the services and AV IT were extremely pleased with the results. 

Moitele’s customer portal had beautifully aligned with the team’s operations. The simplicity of using the service and the intuitive features allowed AV IT Business solutions to personalize their user experience.

The intuitive softphone from Moitele allowed the sales team to run premium quality voice campaigns. The tools within the customer portal allows management to monitor their KPIs improving the employees overall efficiency.

The settings, search parameters, account settings, helped improve the overall productivity of the team. As a result, the management was able to have a bird’s eye view of their operations and create well trained employees. The call recording feature from Moitele, allowed the agents to reflect on calls and create best practices to execute a call.

Moitele provided the entire team with omnichannel customer support. Moitele support team could be reached via email, chat, ticketing systems and the knowledge base platform which offers articles and content curated for queries that arise using the service. 


Improvements achieved using Moitele

The team was convinced that Moitele was the answer to the challenges. With Moitele as the VoIP provider, AV IT Business Solution have been able to reach out to their global prospects without any interruption. 

The dashboard analytics with daily/monthly reports helped AV IT Business Solution make significant improvements in productivity. Managing the agents and monitoring their KPIs resulted in an efficient work environment. 

  • The team at AV IT were able to streamline their operations and improve lead generation by 25%. 
  • Voice calls are executed with HD voice and the call recording helped train and monitor agents performance
  • Timely customer support from Moitele improved the team’s productivity
  • Self-service tools within the portal such as charts, analytics, agent management, campaign creation, team management, DNC compliance and the intuitive softphone saved time. 


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