What is a customer portal? 

You can picture a customer portal as a lobby of any venue: restaurant, hotel, theater. A lobby is a location that can be accessed by visitors, venue members and customer service individuals of that establishment.

Useful information such as signing up, making adjustments, checking-in are made at the lobby. It is an area that is accessible and can be easily accessed by anyone conducting business there.

A customer portal is a pit-stop for useful information for accessing your goal. Your goals can be different based on the industry you are from: a contact center agent or an employee keeping up to date with his teammates via VoIP telephony.


What makes a successful customer portal? 

The key to creating a successful customer portal is: user experience. The user must have the ability to perform well executed actions in an up to date environment.

Here are some features that make a successful user portal:

  • Ease of access
  • Updated version 
  • Tools and guides for rainy days
  • Entry point for information
  • Quick summary of activities performed
  • Crucial data of numbers dialed, when, where and by whom
  • Ability to customize
  • Downloading important data to measure KPI’s
  • Key billing information

Are you wondering where to look for such an informative portal that’s easy to use? Maybe you have come to the right place after all.

Moitele’s customer portal is a platform built to empower and support users to manage their own teams, agents and functionality of services.

Users have the ability to customize their actions easily from within the portal. The features of a successful customer portal mentioned above are offered at Moitele


Features of Moitele’s customer portal

Moitele’s customer portal serves as a lighthouse for all our features, with additional settings and controls that allows users to customize the services offered. We will breakdown the features offered into three key categories:


Ease of access

When you register with us and sign into your customer portal, all the useful information is visible to you right away on the dashboard. The left section displays sections you have access to based on your account type: admin or agent.

The top panel has important tools that lets you top-up your account within minutes and drop Moitele Support a ticket. Furthermore, you will also find different applications to download in this panel.


Crucial Information 

Information such as billing and downloaded data are made easy to access in the portal. Additionally, Moitele dashboard comes with key charts that you can generate using public dashboard. Public dashboard is an excellent feature to make use of in public events. Read more on public dashboard here. 



An easy to use portal establishes minimal need to contact support but in cases where help is needed we are here for you.

You can receive support easily within the portal and you have options to select from: Knowledgebase, Chat and Support ticket. Moitele customers love our ability to offer multichannel customer support.


Did you know?

✨Moitele uptime monitors our customer portal so users can stay up to date with events that happen and troubleshoot issues faster. Read more about Moitele Uptime.✨


Join Moitele and experience the above! You can register with us here and it only takes you a few minutes to access the customer portal.