” Love it. I don’t have to worry about copying, pasting the phone numbers and then editing them to get rid of the special characters.


All I have have to do is click on Moitele’s icon and voilà, the call gets through. Simply superb.”


–  Moitele Customer 

An agent at a contact center is required to make multiple phone calls during his work day and our click-to-dial feature is as simple as the phrase suggests and just as easy to use. It removes the time spent on formatting numbers before you can dial.

You can spice up your Moitele softphone with our click-to-dial browser extension that supports most browsers. 

You can enable click-to-dial functionality in a few minutes and begin calling numbers you find in web pages. Our free extension can be used in most browsers. It is designed and developed to simplify our users actions when they make calls.

Click-to-dial is a feature that benefits everyone and specifically minimizes time spent on calls made by contact center agents, customer service agents, and sales teams that need to make multiple calls during the day. 

We will shortly explain how it works and the features you can expect while using this browser extension. 


How does click-to-dial work? 

The extension picks up and identifies any phone number that has minimum 9 digits as a number format and goes up to 16 digits. The phone number becomes clickable allowing users to literally click to dial.

When a number is clicked, your browser asks you if you would like to open Moitele softphone. The click initiates the softphone and automatically pastes the number you wish to dial onto the keypad. 

Additionally, users can use the extension to make calls directly from their CRM systems functioning from their browsers. Moitele uses this extension to enable you to connect telephony into your CRM platform.


What are the features of Moitele click-to-dial extension?

The features of Moitele’s click-to-call extension is a perfect tool to compliment your softphone. If you are curious to learn more about Moitele softphones and its features, you can read this article.


Format free

You can say goodbye to spending any extra time removing special characters from a phone number before dialing. Moitele’ extension pastes the number ready to call. It is easier than microwaving a ready made meal. 



Another tiresome activity you can bid goodbye to is having to copy and paste numbers into your softphone keypad. The number is automatically pasted to the keypad when you click on it.


Easy setup

Quick, simple, easy. Extension can be added in a few minutes and save you a lot of time



You can have telephony integration with your CRM software when you add this extension. Click-to-dial from your directory and save time on copying and pasting numbers. 


Number recognition

The extension recognizes phone numbers and enables you to make one click calls.

Watch this video

Need we say more? We are happy to show you a video to help you understand more about just easy it is to add this extension to your browser. 



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