Our team is constantly working hard to ensure you receive the best features to succeed in your business. The past few weeks our blog posts have covered our customer’s favorite Moitele features and we are back with a new feature we hope you will love. 

How are call recordings beneficial to contact centers and businesses?

Call recording is an essential feature for contact centers, businesses and marketing agencies. Companies using the call recording feature can revisit interactions and conversations with customers and potential clients. In doing so, they map their customer’s needs and are efficient.  Let us take an agent at a call center, for example, who makes multiple calls to potential customers and clients. A contact center may have a well-experienced agent who has hours of call time under his belt and a new agent requiring training and practice. Here, call recordings have the opportunity to train new agents by sharing recordings of a successful call. Companies can minimize man-hours spent teaching a new agent by simply sharing a successful customer call example.

Additionally, call recordings offer contact centers an opportunity to monitor the performance of their agents. Improving performance is crucial for any business and collecting data allows companies to map their growth and operate efficiently. Call recording helps contact centers to improve their response time on the customer’s end. 

What are the benefits of Moitele’s call recording feature?

Excellent question. We have shared the tidbits of how you can utilize call recording to ace your business, now let us share what we can offer YOU: our dear customers (and customers-to-be). The call recording feature allows users to save the calls in mp3 format and retain the call history for up to ninety days. You can locate specific recordings via different search parameters such as numbers dialed, dates, status, call type, caller ID, display name, agent filter and description. You have the option to view recorded calls by custom date range, allowing you to monitor performance and changes in customer engagement. 

Let us now discuss user benefits from Moitele’s call recording feature. Business is capable of utilizing the feature based on their needs. We will summaries different areas of business and how this feature helps your business excel. 

Business operations

  • VoIP call recording allows businesses to document incoming /outgoing calls efficiently
  • Increase productivity and efficiency by learning what method to reach clients work best 
  • Ensure legal compliance with different countries laws.
  • Useful to improve KPI’s. (Key performance indicators)

Customer Service 

  • Improve customer service quality by training agents quicker.
  • Easy to use and not time-consuming
  • Help your customer service team improve their response time 
  • Agent monitoring solution to improve customer interactions

Technical advantages

  • No need for installing additional software or integrations 
  • Call recordings are available directly on the customer portal and Moitele softphone (Read more about Softphones HERE)
  • Export in mp3 format
  • Ninety days free storage
  • Quick retrieval times

Watch this video below to see call recording feature in action:


Read more about our call recordings feature on our knowledgebase:

Where can I find the call recordings?