✨ We approach customer support in a holistic way by focusing on our customer’s needs.


The best features of our customer support is accuracy, trust, loyalty and handling of issues to offer tailored solutions. ✨

Why is customer support important?

Customer support is critical for any business and for B2B businesses, it is even more important. The ability to respond quickly and be accessible to customers affects the business process significantly.

At Moitele, our clients rely on us to be available and troubleshoot their problems when they run into technical issues.  Moitele’s timely support exists to help increase your business efficiency and productivity.

To understand the importance of customer support , one needs to understand how delivering support at the right time makes a difference on the customer’s end. Our clients are contact centers, BPO’s and marketing agencies who depend on our services to generate leads and improve business efficiency. If we fail to provide timely support, the customer suffers and can lose potential clients.  

For example: A contact center client has a technical issue which keeps him form being able to make calls. What does it mean if this issue is not resolved on time? Precious calling time on the client’s end is affected. 


How do we monitor our systems?

We monitor our systems constantly so we can solve our client’s issue as soon as possible. Systems such as Moitele uptime, our support team and knowledge base alert us if systems are running and if customers need help. Read our blog post on Moitele uptime to understand how we mitigate downtime risks by monitoring our systems.

The multi-channel support checkpoints allow us quick access when you need us and increase your productivity and performance. 


What are the ways a customer can reach us?

Our customer support is built to be accessible beyond traditional phone lines. Our multi-channel support system is tailored to the user’s needs.

Our customer support system is formed with our chat support, support ticket system, support through the customer portal, website chat and the classic, our email.  

We will now explore the different customer support options available to our customers. 

Customer portal chat: You can use the customer portal to engage with our support team using the chat option in the bottom right corner or send us a support ticket depending on the issue at hand. 

Email: When you email us at support@moitele.com , your query immediately is transferred to our customer support desk, where a professional in our support team addresses the query.

Knowledgebase: Our Knowledge Base is home to over fifty support articles to offer you simple and quick solutions. Visual guides and simple instructions offer you quick support within the Knowledgebase. If the Knowledgbase is unable to solve the query, feel free to drop us a support ticket and we will get back to you shortly.

Support ticket:  When you have an issue that requires specific attention and cannot be answered via Moitele Knowledgebase, you can send us a support ticket in the customer portal and through quick help on our websites. 

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