Moitele current MOS 4.3

Moitele aims to offer VOIP as a better alternative to traditional phone service with better accessibility, price and quality. Despite the reliance on email, voice remains the method of choice for businesses.

Due to this demand, companies like Moitele offering VOIP services need to maintain our quality standards. Quality for Moitele is to deliver HD voice to our customers.

Our portal generates key metrics and our team monitors the functioning of our services to make sure we are providing users with good call quality. When an issue arises with our systems, our team aims to resolve the issue quickly. 

How is VoIP quality measured?

In VOIP, call quality is measured using Mean Opinion Score (MOS). MOS is a measuring tool that helps predict voice quality by rating scores on a scale of 1 to 5.

MOS is measured by having real persons rate test suites of voice samples and then taking a mean opinion score based on the ratings of multiple listeners.

MOS is said to have the highest acceptability when it comes to accuracy of accessing VOIP quality. Jitter, latency, packetloss can affect the overall MOS Score.

Moitele uses VoIP Spear to measure voice quality at different endpoints. 

Let us visit these terms separately and understand what they mean.

Jitter is the crowding in the IP network which can cause variation in delivery time of Data Packets. High jitter can affect the voice quality. You experience less jitter at Moitele with our High quality VOIP with low latency and HD voice.

Low latency is a network optimization that can process high volume of data with minimal delay i.e., latency. Latency is the time to access data.

Ever wondered about the glitch occurring while using a real time application? Packetloss is caused when some packets fail to reach their destination as data packets are being sent and received.

We are giving you a sneak peak to show you how we monitor our VOIP quality!

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