The ability to access necessary data and have a user interface that allows you to access this data is a key for running a successful contact center. When an agent makes a sales call and wishes to reflect on it, finding the recording easily can save time.

Few missed calls within a short period of time may seem minuscule to the observer but to the user a few missed calls constitutes to a larger picture. 


What sort of data helps a VoIP user? 

A VoIP user makes multiple calls during the day. An agent is not a device capable of remembering  all the calls made and to whom. Having access to the data after action has been completed can offer useful insights for the business and the future operations. 

Data such as phone number, agent ID, dates, call-recording, call duration and dialed number. Call status and codes offer further insights to the type of problems. Additionally, the ability to record and download such data helps the agent perform better. 


Where does Moitele offer the solution? 

User interface is key and a motivating factor at Moitele. Our team and development team believe a good interface need not be complicated. Quite often, simple is best.

Our services offer a friendly customer portal that works in perfect harmony when paired with our softphone. Like burgers and fries. Sure, users can choose if they’d like their burgers without their fries a.k.a customer portal without Moitele softphone. Although, that would make you miss out on the best features Moitele softphones have to offer.


Seamless downloads at Moitele

Downloads can be found within the customer portal and be filtered based on your needs. You can initiate sales and agent related downloads from the calls and agent sections of the user portal. 

In Billing, export data in regards with your subscriptions and billing. Stay organized and on top of your game at every step. Lastly, our favorite feature that takes the cake, our public dashboard. 

Our dashboard explains our software easier than words can. An overview and highlight of different operations within the portal can be skimmed and re-purposed for meetings. Users can manage KPI’s , make plans and learn more about how they work. 

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