The main purpose of compliance features is to follow regulations set by different countries when making calls, additionally, these compliance features have the ability to create efficiency within your organisation. Today’s technology allows us to create specific blacklists and DNC lists to avoid  unnecessary calls being received and following guidelines. 


What is DNC?

DNC (Do not call) is important because it helps maintain contact center compliance and protect your business and employees from liabilities. When you build a campaign, you need to create your call list in accordance with the DNC compliance regulations, this can be easily executed in the user’s customer portal with Moitele.

Numbers dialed using Moitele, are automatically checked with the blacklist and DNS registry within the customer portal. Make the required changes and use your softphone smoothly while following DNC compliance.


  • Respecting consumers rights
  • Legal compliance
  • Easy to use and execute
  • Choose active and inactive destinations
  • Update and edit your lists 


What is Blacklisting? 

In VoIP, blacklisting stops unwanted calls from certain numbers. This feature is very simple to use and saves your agents loads of time. Moitele provides an intuitive customer portal through which you can add numbers to the blacklist and assign the list to teams. 

Your list is updated when you restart your smartphone and you can continue dialing safely and start saving precious calling time


  • Save time
  • Boost productivity
  • Influence KPI’s
  • Save money

Compliance does not have to be complicated. Moitele allows you to easily follow regulations with a customer portal you can trust and a team you can trust.


Watch this video to learn how it works