Efficiency. Speed. Accuracy. These terms are heard on a daily basis when discussing employee productivity and overall efficiency for a business.

This goal can be achieved by businesses and VoIP providers alike by remembering to offer tools that can enhance productivity. Contact center agents can swiftly execute multiple actions using integrated shortcuts available on Moitele softphones to impact agent efficiency.

How can agents be efficient in lead generation?

Lead generation in digital marketing is the first step to gather clients’ interest and gather information. This stage of any business calls for action. Each lead has the potential to convert into a paying customer. The process of lead towards customers is a collective action process. Meaning conscious and consistent efforts are required to keep leads warm. 

An agent or an employee’s first step in contacting a lead requires a tool. The tool can be email, LinkedIn campaigns, forms, newsletters, phone calls etc. The most efficient method has always been voice calling because of the personal touch it creates between the agent and the lead. Many companies choose VoIP as their choice of communication due to its flexibility and simplicity to set up.

When a business chooses VoIP services, softphones are the tool of choice when it comes to generating and contacting leads. Softphones are logistically favorable, easy to set up and the only drawback would be the lack of proper internet bandwidth. 


How can softphones deliver in terms of efficiency and employee productivity?


Softphones have a track record of being more efficient in comparison to landlines. It requires less active actions in comparison to a normal telephone. Additionally, softphones have been excellent for agents worldwide who have had to switch to remote work. 

Softphones additionally mimic the dial pad on a landline phone but it works faster thanks to the simple shortcuts provided by the VoIP providers. Power keys and hotkeys allow the user to perform multiple actions without additional effort of pointing, clicking, copy-pasting numbers and answering/declining calls.

What are power keys and how can they be used to enhance agent efficiency?


A contact center agent is required to make multiple phone calls during the day and having to use a lot of manual effort is a drain on both the agent and the businesses’ resources.

Take for example keyboard shortcuts, the most simple ones such as CTRL + V, CTRL + C. These shortcuts have made life much easier. Same applies to the power keys on Moitele’s softphones.

Power keys on Moitele’s softphones


Moitele softphones save the user’s time by offering shortcuts that can execute an array of functions by simply using CTRL + KEY. The functions the user can execute are redial, last dialed, mute call, end call, accept and reject call.

Sure, users can also point and click, but power keys save time and the agent can proceed with other tasks. The following functions can be instantly executed with these power keys. Click on each function to view the power key command.


Watch this video below to view it in action