“The two things that absolutely standout about Moitele are premium quality voice, top-notch customer support and performance monitoring within the customer portal”


Akhil Nair, Managing Partner, Enayble Solutions


Enayble solutions is a growing digital marketing consultancy built for the digital age. Enayble offers web development, marketing, and branding services. Enayble Solutions offers search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing and paid media. Enayble wanted to reach out to their global prospects using a VoIP provider that can deliver in terms of quality.


Need: A voice calling provider that offers quality customer support and compatible softphones (contact center software)


Enayble required services that are capable of offering quality voice services for their sales team and along with quality support. The sales team at Enayble chose Moitele to address these needs for their business operations. Communication is an important tool for Enayble and having a reliable provider that doesn’t drop calls often was key for their sales team. A steady stream of communications for Enayble meant that they can easily generate leads when working from home.


Moitele’s Solution

Moitele offered Enayble quality voice calling and when issues did arise, Moitele support team quickly resolved it within minutes. Quick and quality support from Moitele helped Enayble and the agents increase their productivity. 

Moitele’s ability to troubleshoot problems faster allowed the agents to return to calling with no issues.  Moitele monitors voice quality and ensures a MOS score of 4.3.  Due to Moitele’s VoIP quality monitoring Enayble experienced less jitter and low latency with access to HD voice. Moitele’s uptime monitoring tool helped the sales team at Enayble troubleshoot and mitigate problems faster. 

“Moitele’s customer portal is extremely simple to use and our team members don’t need any specific training to use the portal. This saves time on our end and increases efficiency”


Akhil Nair


Moitele Softphones


Moitele’s on-boarding process and transition was smooth for Enayble’s sales team. There was no specific training required for the sales team, thanks to the compatible softphones. 

Moitele softphones work with every mainstream browser and operating system. Switching to Moitele is made extremely simple thanks to the capability to run Moitele Softphones on multiple devices. (Windows, Mac OS,). Moitele’s WebRTC softphone further simplified the onboarding as it works out of the box within the browser with no requirement for installation.

Moitele team also offers agent training for teams if they need additional support when learning to use our services. There was beauty and simplicity to Motiele’s browser softphones and click-to-dial extension. 


Quality support 


The sales team at Enayble required a VoIP provider that could address their issues as they occurred. Interruptions with services highly affect the team’s productivity.

Moitele offered omnichannel customer support to Enayble. The sales team can reach Moitele’s support team via email, chat directly from the portal, knowledge base and support tickets. Behind the scenes, Team Moitele works with the industry’s best developers to constantly improve Moitele’s software.




  • Business improved due to sales team capability to reach prospects across the globe
  • Zero issues with call dropping and voice quality interruptions 
  • Easy to use customer portal simplified employee performance monitoring and  improved employee productivity and no special training was required to use the Moitele service features.
  • Sales team was able to have longer and uninterrupted conversations with customers 


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