An assorted variety of payment options in a service platform provides simplicity. Simplicity allows users to execute a payment process and continue the activity. People can run into hurdles with online payment processing because of insufficient payment methods or taxing payment processing.  

For a normal person this hurdle causes annoyance at the most. A contact center agent faces more than impatience and annoyance. In a contact center agents actually lose calling time, leading to losing a customer for example. 

In today’s article we will briefly discuss and explain why offering a full range of payment options is important. 


How can a VoIP provider offer streamlined payment options? 


A VoIP provider should appeal to the needs of their users and create payment gateways best suited for different needs. A good platform offers the majorly used payment options and not only the options suited to provider. 

The payment options should be robust and calculative on time spent on processing a payment. Meaning, if the processing of the payment takes too long, or does not go through it causes damage on users end. 

Additionally, users should be offered a summary of their transactions so the business can keep track of expenditure. VoIP services are built to endure multi-channel interactions. Having multi-channel payment tools only enhances the service offering.

Lastly, offering secure payments is key. It is an initial factor to be considered when creating a paying service. Well known payment gateways have a level of security and trust that reflects back on the VoIP provider. 


How do we at Moitele handle omnichannel payments? 

There are three main points at Moitele that drive our payment process. We offer omni-currency options, multiple payment gateways and instant top-up. We will shortly summarize these points below. 


Omni-currency options

Moitele users need not worry about the currency or strict amount they have to pay for our services. Customers can choose an amount based on their needs. Moitele runs on the users needs and doesn’t demand any level of commitment such as monthly, yearly subscriptions . We stick with loyalty and with offering our users flexibility. 


Multiple payment gateways 


At Moitele, you can pay through every well known payment gateway: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex. We do not limit our users. Moitele offers its users the flexibility and efficiency to be able to go global. 


Instant top-up 


In Moitele’s customer portal, the header allows users to instantly top-up their account within minutes. Users can instantaneously top-up their accounts and continue calling. It takes a matter of minutes.


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