Why is team management important?

The idea of working and operating business remotely has become very common due to the pandemic. Managing different teams and employees within an organization is important. This is very important especially when employees are unable to visit the office. 

Most SMEs have employee management platforms and communication tools. These tools help management stay in touch with the team. 

There is an array of tools built solely to manage remote operations. One specific form of communication tool that always pops up is VoIP. 

How does VoIP benefit teams within organizations

VoIP did something revolutionary for communication. It has eliminated the need for physical phone lines. Reliance on the internet has allowed seamless communication and simple infrastructure. VoIP has not only simplified team management but has also offered other benefits. 

VoIP providers also offer IVR (Interactive Voice Response) that can make customer service efficient. Calls can be answered faster with better quality at a reasonable price. 

Additionally, through VoIP managers can view crucial information on the calls made and assist their team accordingly. 

Do we go on? The benefits for team management using VoIP are many. 


How does Moitele incorporate team management into our services?

At Moitele, our current services offer three unique accounts based on an employee’s role within the company. We will shortly summarize the role based access Moitele offers.

Admin account

Your admin account with Moitele offers key tools for managing your agents and teams. This account is the most useful to navigate through Moitele services. 

Here are some features of the admin account:

  • Edit primary information 
  • Manage agents that are active and inactive
  • Manage different teams 
  • Assign roles to the teams
  • Add new agent or team member
  • Access billing information
  • Top-up account
  • Manage compliance matters


Agent account

An agent account holds the necessary sections for agent call operations.


Team account

A teams account offers insights for the teams assigned by the admin


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