Softphones have the power to simplify calling time and make contact centers more efficient. The ability to perform multiple functions simultaneously by using keyboard controls and logging in intuitively, are few elements that separate Moitele softphones to that of a competitor.

An intelligent softphone is not only a platform for calling but an entity that interacts with its users. In this post we will skim three amazing, yet simple to use features that take modern softphones to the next level. 

Ask anyone in the VoIP community about softphones or google ‘softphones’. The answer is simple and the functionality described on a softphone is simple and straightforward; a software that allows you to make calls. Softphones can go beyond simply making calls, user experience defines a softphone’s value.

We will discuss and explain how some small features on a softphone can make a big difference on the users end. We will also use videos within this post to visualize the features. 


Intuitive Login

Let us take a look at the first step of using any given softphone; logging in. Logging in is made simple by offering users the ability to double check their username and credentials.

The feature is simple and the purpose is simple: allowing users to save time and enter the correct password at first attempt.


Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts save the user time by simply using CTRL + KEY and execute functions such as redial, last dial, mute call, end call, accept and reject call.

A contact center agent needs to call multiple numbers during a day and these keyboard shortcuts save him/her a lot of calling time.


DNC and Blacklist

Numbers dialed using Moitele, are automatically checked with the blacklist and DNS registry within the customer portal.

You can decide what destinations you want to keep active and inactive. You have the power to assign specific teams, a specific list. 


Why use DNC?

There is a saying to work smart in addition to working hard. Work smart by making efficient calls and minimize time spent on locations your company and team do not wish to target. DNC stands for ‘do not call’.

DNC compliance is very important for contact centers and marketing companies. Using DNC features, contact centers can create a list of destinations you do not wish to dial. 


What is the purpose of the blacklist?

Contact centers come across individuals or companies who do not wish to be called. Adding these numbers into the blacklist allows callers to smoothly make calls without worry of any compliance issues. 



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