What is a webhook URL?

Webhook URL acts as your personal assistant by gathering necessary information for you while you are busy. Everyone lives busy lives and no one has the time to be present 24/7 to collect and note every function performed. Moitele users benefit highly from the webhook integration on Moitele softphones. Simply copy and paste the webhook link into Moitele softphone and continue dialing. 

Webhooks record every action performed within the softphone and reports it right away. Additionally, it also collects quality data every ten seconds. Quality information such as MOS scores allow users to refer and observe the fluctuation in quality. If you are curious to learn how Moitele moniotor’s call quality, read this article: How does Moitele monitor VoIP Quality?


How do webhooks work? 

Webhooks record the event when an action is performed and alerts you. When a trigger event occurs, webhooks observe and record the event and show it to you. API’s are request based and request a function to be performed while webhooks are event based.

A great example is wanting to buy a mobile phone on an online store but they do not have it in stock. You repeatedly email the online store to ask when the product is restocked. This is an example for API. Webhooks resemble leaving your email on the online store’s website, to have them contact you when the phone you want to buy is back in stock. 


What are the benefits of using Webhook URL?

Recording events occurring on Moitele softphone allows you to monitor different actions performed during different time periods. It is a useful feature if you wish to record the events in your own personal database. 

Increase efficiency and functionality of your team while using webhooks. Ease the pain of having to collect data across different platforms and have it available in a more streamlined manner. Webhooks also help you collect data on bugs that occur. 


How does Moitele offer this integration? 

Moitele integrates this feature into the softphone to offer users a chance to collect event based data to monitor and collect data.

Contact centers make multiple calls during the day and the ability to collect data allows them to increase efficiency and improve how they perform. Users can make proper use of this function by manually adding the webhook url in the setting section of the softphone.

Once the webhook link has been pasted, log out and log back in to start triggering actions and observe the webhook collect data instantaneously. 


Watch this video below to see webhook in action



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