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Switching to VoIP saves businesses 90% on international calls, 75% on operation costs, and 30% on phone bills. What are you waiting for?


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Moitele Cloud Communications can offer you additional superpowers to make calls using our amazing softphones.

So what makes Moitele softphone unique? Its simple yet intuitive user interface allows the user to perform calls with minimal effort. How is that, you ask? The softphone’s features omit users’ need to perform simple tasks that can take up time; copy/pasting numbers, login errors, click for action, etc. 

Users can use Moitele Softphones directly from the browser and without installing any software. We currently support most browsers.

We have a full set of unique features that are managed through our intuitive user interface and customer portal. We will visit these features separately to give you an idea and motivate you to choose us!


Moitele softphone is intuitive in nature and built ito save you precious calling time. Using our softphone users and agents in any location can handle busy call lines via intelligent calling features. Log in instantly and directly from any browser of your choosing. We place the power in the hands of our users.


Our dial-pad offers users an innate feature that allows users to copy, paste multiple numbers without wasting any time in formatting. Press the ESC key to cancel the call and return to calling. You can add team members to the call or transfer the call within your organization easily. You can place your call on hold, record the call and mute yourself.


Our softphone uses Web Real-time communications (WebRTC) technology and intelligent enough to choose the correct engine depending on your Operating system and browser. How smart is that? Additionally, you can add your Webhook URL to the settings to collect detailed logs on your processes. Choose your preferred audio input and output with added benefits to test the sound. A VoIP call happens on two ends and users should be able to check if technicalities are to avoid time drainage. 



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We have so many more excellent features on our softphone and we will post them in the upcoming weeks. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and come back for more!


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