What are analytics and reporting?


Reporting is organizing and categorizing collected data . This data can be in the form of graphs and visual cues that offer a deeper insight into the business .

Reports take data and turn it into usable materials to improve your business operations.


Analytics are the cream filling. It means interpreting what the data represents. Analyzing means to find patterns and make observations.

The objective is not to simply locate the problems. To analyze is to define the problems and finding solutions to improve business processes.


How can businesses benefit from Moitele’s Analytics and Report?

Our world grows more and more data driven, all for a valid reason. Streamlined data helps a business map their successes and also the failures. Today we observe many BIG companies whose sole purpose is to offer their clients data and analysis for their Business Process Optimization.

This structured data driven and analytical approach in a businesses’ operations has the ability to increase productivity of employees, making precise decisions and yield insights.

In addition, Moitele Analytics and Reports offers your business a competitive edge over other players in the field while staying efficient to solve your customers problems with your revamped service or product. 

The future of businesses not only lies in the quantity of data we can collect but also the quality of insights that can be achieved from said data collection.

How can my business benefit from Moitele’s Dashboard?

Moitele’s dashboard is simple and tailored to show you the critical KPI’s you need to monitor operations and react quickly and accurately.

We understand that needs vary based on the different departments in your business and for that purpose we have different graphs to help you and your team. As a team leader you can also monitor the performance of your agents. 

Our Public URL feature also allows you to generate graphs that can be viewed without logging in. You can track performance in REAL TIME.

We at Moitele want to offer YOU, our clients the very best. This means we offer innovative and flexible analytics and reports on our platform. This innovative data insight can be found the minute you log on to our platform. 

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