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In November, our tech team is before you with a new add-on called “Tools.” This new module is now live in our customer portal. The tools tab will be handy for the customers to monitor your own network and to monitor Moitele’s network. These tools, by identifying their network issues, hence reducing the downtime and boosting the productivity of team.


My Own Network (Moitele User Network)

This tool helps the user to monitor the user’s own network. This tool gives an understanding of the network related issues that hamper the call connectivity. Using WebRTC technology, this tool will help you check the parameters like packet loss, latency, and jitter of your network.

Here is a screenshot of the network monitor tool in action:

Moitele Network Monitor

This tool gives an understanding of the service uptime of Moitele’s network. This real-time tool will help the user to monitor the duration of the downtime of Moitele servers and soft-phones. This unique tool offers transparency in our service to the customers, building trust and enhancing customer relationships. 

Here is a sneak peek of how you can monitor Moitele’s network tool:

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