Team Moitele works continuously to improve the user experience and ease the lead generation process by streamlining many uptime and downtime processes in the lead generation processes.  We constantly consider the user needs and implement them to enhance user experience. 

In this blog, we are going to highlight a few.


Moitele user portal has many new features, updates and developments. Some of the new features are developed based on the customer needs by thoroughly understanding and analysing the user behaviour. In this blog we are highlighting five top updates that has happened in the user portal in the year 2023.

1. New addition of “Tools” bar

This tools bar is a new addition that helps the user to monitor and understand the network-related issue.

This module consists of two monitor tools.

-Tool to monitor your own network.

-Tool to monitor Moitele’s service uptime.

2. Spam Status Monitor Tool

The spam status monitor tool helps the user monitor the status of the caller ID. Also, this tool provides the spam status of the DID that a user can purchase in the user portal, thus assuring the call connectivity of the DID.

3. Call Disposition Codes

Moitele Call disposition codes are a new add-on available in the calls tab. This feature allows the team leaders to sort and manage the data easily. These disposition Codes can be categorised into different levels, such as generic codes, codes for particular instances, and universal disposition codes: answered, unanswered and busy. This feature helps the teams to share the relevant data with the respective teams without any hassle.

4. Analytics

Moitele offers quick and easy-to-understand analytics under the reports section. These analytics give an overall view for the team leaders and admins to have a quick view of agent call performance. This data is downloadable and crucial to support and train the agents.


Team Moitele continuously updates the Softphones to maximise call connectivity across different devices, platforms and operating systems suited for calling needs of B2B lead generation businesses. 

1. Moitele offers a colour-based call probability index, which alerts the agent on the probability of the number dialled. When a call is triggered, users can see the probability bar indicating the three colours and the probability of call connectivity.

2. The power keys of the softphones are carefully developed by studying and analysing the user behaviour on the keyboard and similar CTRL + keys are developed to execute the functionalities.

3. Browser-based softphones with default shortcuts and colour-based call connectivity probability index. The softphone matches the fast-paced nature of contact centers by giving users an application without download. 

4. Moitele softphone that is easily integrated into any kind of CRM and ERP platforms. In the beginning of this year Moitele softphone has been successfully integrated into Zoho CRM platform. Currently users can add the softphone from the Zoho marketplace and click to call directly from their CRM database.

6. Moitele callbar for campaigns is a minimalistic softphone that offers users to initiate the calling process in the campaigns. This call bar is minimalistic occupying a minimal space in the campaigns section of the user portal yet robust functionally with buttons like call hold, mute, recording, for making both inbound/outbound calls.

7. Moitele Click-To-Call Browser Plugin is the browser softphone but with the ability to click numbers on web pages to trigger a call on the plugin. This plugin is compatible for the chromium-based browsers like Chrome, Opera, Comodo, Microsoft edge, etc. This plugin is a favourite tool for the fast-paced and busy contact center that needs to make calls efficiently and eliminate the need for copying/pasting a number for each call.

Team Moitele works continuously to understand our user needs, evaluate them, improve our services, fix bugs and incorporate new ideas. Stay tuned to Moitele to get updates on our new developments in features like attendance module and campaign management tools. We love to hear from you to serve our customers better.

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