Moitele is a technology-based company that offers voice solutions and supports the business needs of B2B lead generation companies. In this article, we will highlight our customers top five Moitele features that ease customers everyday business operations. Apart from these tools, call quality, transparency and customer support are the key crucial elements that build trust with our customers.

1. Call Quality Analytics Tool

These tools help agents in monitoring calls and assessing the quality of support provided to customers. Transcriptions of call recordings serve as training scripts for new agents, while voice pitch analysis helps gauge agent responses to customers. Additionally, active call monitoring provides managers with real-time insights into agent performance and ongoing calls.

2. Network Monitoring Tool

The Network Monitoring Tool is designed to assess network performance comprehensively. By analyzing metrics such as MOS score, latency, packet loss, and jitter, Moitele enables businesses to ensure stable and efficient network communication, which is vital for seamless operations.

3. Softphones as per the need/platform

Moitele offers a wide range of softphones, each catering to needs within B2B lead generation businesses. Whether users prefer browser-based solutions or dedicated applications for Windows, Moitele provides options tailored to diverse preferences and requirements. Various softphones offered by Moitele are Moitele click to call browser plugin, Moitele call bar for campaigns, Moitele CRM extension for zoho.

4. Service Uptime Tool

Moitele service uptime monitoring is integral to our commitment to minimize costly downtime. It empowers IT and operations teams to anticipate issues before they arise and swiftly address them. Through proactive monitoring of diverse systems, we preemptively mitigate the risk of downtime impacting your business.Our redundant monitoring approach ensures reliability, enabling Moitele customers to operate with minimal disruptions. 

5. Spam Status Monitor Tool

Moitele offers customers a valuable tool for monitoring the spam status of DID numbers. With this tool, businesses can regularly assess the status of their DIDs and take necessary steps to uphold call connectivity. By preventing calls from being labeled as spam, businesses can improve the customer engagement process and cultivate stronger relationships with prospects and clients.

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