Call Recordings are an excellent tool that helps businesses improve and manage interactions with customers. Moitele offers a comprehensive solution to elevate their customer service, compliance management, and employee training processes.

Here are the benefits of call recording:

1. Call Quality Analysis 

Network error, lack of speaking at a correct pitch, etc. are issues that can be detected in call recordings. The user portal provides pitch analysis to understand a conversation further. Voice analysis helps businesses deliver the best voice quality to their customers and offer insights on how to improve customer experience. Quality analysis helps in understanding what improvements need to be made on a human and technical level.

2. Manage Compliance 

Compliance is an integral part of the business, and if overlooked, it can result in legal consequences for the business. Call recordings help isolate issues and work as evidence. Additionally, countries have regulations on how long data can be stored, and call recordings to offer verbal confirmation if the dialed person wishes to be recorded.

3. Transparency

Transparency within the services can continuously be improved to provide customers with a better experience and simplify employee interactions. When a business has sustainable information on a customer and their behavior patterns, it can determine the customer’s lifetime value and provide personalized solutions. 

EasyQA and call Transcription help the QA team listen to the call recordings at a desired speed, minimizing the time spent on analyzing the long-duration calls, this data allows analysis to observe a pattern of solutions and problems, and improve how employees solve customer issues. 

4. Ease in Employee Training

The agents are trained to respond to and handle different situations using call recordings. They also play a crucial role in the smooth onboarding of leads to customers. Onboarding new employees using EasyQA is an extremely efficient method. 

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