New businesses need to put that extra oomph in the business to monetise the enterprise, gain new customers and keep existing customers happy. With reliance on word of mouth and creating value, comes a greater task – managing customer satisfaction.

There are different layers to managing customer satisfaction and this blog will share a few key points as to how small businesses can use Moitele’s cloud communication solutions to maximize customer satisfaction. 


The layers of customer satisfaction

Often the first thought that strikes when reading the phrase ‘customer satisfaction’ is- customer support and keeping customers happy with timely support. Customer support plays a big role in satisfaction but that is not all. 

Customer satisfaction aims to meet the customer’s needs in the following ways:


Satisfying service/product needs and expectations

Understanding the customer effectively allows the business to get an understanding of the current needs and future needs. Especially with B2B clients, their needs will evolve based on their own clients, this ties B2B service providers into this loop of meeting market needs.

If a customer finds their new needs unmet, they lose interest in continuing to be a paying customer. 


Providing value over time 

Simply providing what the consumer needs will not cut it for most customers. B2B businesses need to receive value over time, especially if the goal is to build on customer loyalty. Value paired with meeting consumer needs creates loyalty and trust. 


Timely support and ease of contact 

It goes without saying how important effective and timely support is. From a business perspective, lack of timely assistance affects a lot of players. It affects the client, the company and their customers, the cycle of poor customer service can go on. 


Managing customer satisfaction with Moitele

The tools and services from Moitele enable businesses to manage and improve customer satisfaction but it is up to the businesses how the services are used.

Moitele offers over three different calling solutions to meet the different needs of small businesses. What the team does is similar to what businesses do for their clients. Moitele understands the needs and offers a unique solution to mitigate the pain points. 

The enterprise cloud calling system is one of the best in the industry, as it allows users to modify the tools according to their needs. Cloud calling can be accessed as a browser application to improve daily sales efforts, Contact center integration offers smooth calling for customer support purposes and, the customer portal provides an array of services to improve how the business is managed and interacts with customers. 


Effective support

The capability to make premium quality calls over the internet reduces the manual labor of dialing a key into a physical phone while sifting through numbers to dial. Ability to seamlessly manage data, create teams, assign tasks to employees, allow businesses to effectively reach customers and stay up to date on their needs. 

Moitele has been a player in B2B contact center solutions since 2015, and can give small businesses the simple yet effective solution they need. Solutions evolve with the business as it grows and give the tools for businesses to go global without investing in exuberant infrastructure.

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