During May, the Moitele software development team incorporated improvements to the user interface across our platforms, fixed minor bug issues in the customer portal, and added additional features to enhance user experience.

Customer Portal Updates

  • Agents can now run spam checks on phone numbers
  • Adding a new tool, Call Answering Probability (CAP), in the user portal’s tools tab. This tool will inform users of the likelihood that a phone call will be picked up by the intended recipient
  • Updated the date format to YYYY-MM-DD across the portal.
  • The addition of call disposition codes will support the agents to quickly categorise the outcome of each call. 
  • The user portal now has a navigational scroll bar, which allows users to easily view tabs that extend beyond the visible area of a window.
  • A more intuitive UI for the user when signing up for the portal.
  • Fixed bugs in the call section.
  • We put some restrictions on the agent portal to ensure more secure operations.

Softphone Updates

  • Improved data consistency and readability in the VoIP test tool
  • Fixed bugs concerning asking permission for a microphone when logging in to the softphones.

We take your input, and our team continuously works hard to offer better service and ease your everyday activities. Our development team works hard to improve existing features and add new tools and updates. Stay tuned to learn more about our developments. 

Our upcoming blog posts will teach you more about the call answering probability tool.

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