Moitele dashboard analytics and reporting visualize contact center metrics in interactive graphs in real-time. Today’s blog post will discuss how to Improve contact center and agent performance with our data analytics feature 💙


What are the benefits of Moitele’s dashboard analytics?

Moitele dashboard analytics visualize important agents and calling data to streamline contact center data. Data is available in both tabulated and graph formats that help monitor performance.

Dashboard analytics help agents and team leaders understand areas of improvement with a bird’s eye view of all contact center activities. 


What are dashboard analytics? 

Dashboard analytics is a visual display of data and information to provide a bird’s eye view of a contact center’s activities. Dashboard analytics are universal and available on every digital platform handling data. 

During stakeholder meetings, simply blurting out numbers will confuse the participants and fail to deliver the data. Visualization and tabulation simplify large data sets, making it easy to drill down on the data to discover new insights. The information in the dashboard is available in the form of charts, graphs, or maps.


Why are dashboard analytics important?

Aside from offering a bird’s eye view, dashboard analytics help summarize data in a shareable format. Dashboard data helps track progress over time, create follow-up actions, and compare different data sets. 

In contact centers, dashboard analytics help teams strategize with metrics such as call consumption, destination charts, and agent performance. The customizable element of most dashboards makes it a user favorite as it allows data flexibility. 

Dashboard analytics help improve the overall performance of a contact center by being able to point out areas needing improvement.The real-time data monitoring capability of dashboards helps contact centers pinpoint problem areas and mitigate the issues faster. During peak call campaigns at contact centers, dashboard analytics of contact center performance offer a motivational booster to the agents. 

For managers with big teams that work remotely, dashboard analytics help streamline supervision. Lastly, dashboard analytics helps understand and improve customer experience. These analytics offer a deeper understanding of the overall contact center performance and help improve customer satisfaction and experience. 


Benefits of using Moitele’s dashboard analytics 

Moitele customer portal offers users real-time interactive and colorful dashboard analytics summarizing data. Moitele dashboard analytics is easy to use, and no onboarding is required. Users can use the filters to fetch data and choose the visualization in either graph or table format. 

The minimalist layout is easy to use and summarizes large numbers values in an understandable chart format. Dashboard analytics is available for download in CSV and PNG file format.

Here are some benefits of using Moitele’s dashboard analytics are reporting:

  • Multiple charts for different data sets
  • Ability to fetch required data using the filter
  • Switch to a tabular view
  • Download in CSV or PNG format
  • Initiate public URL to access analytics without login
  • View data metrics with date/time stamp

Dashboard analytics and reporting help contact centers understand actions and improve performance. Join Moitele today to start using dashboard analytics and reporting. Sign up to become a Moitele customer at or email us at 💙

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