If you read our April software updates, you would have learned about the new updates and tweaks implemented on Moitele’s customer portal. This week we will give you an immersive view and guide you through the updates in Moitele’s customer portal. 

The new updates improve compliance and increase employee performance management. Shall we begin? 


What is the customer portal?

To those new to Moitele, the customer portal is the hub where users can monitor, track and learn more about interactions between their employees and clients. The customer portal provides features to enhance calling and team performance and manage administrative rights and compliance. 

The platform provides different features and is constantly updated to accommodate new features to boost B2B businesses. 


DID Management: What is DID, and how to use the new features?

DID is short for “Direct Inward Dialing. DIDs are versatile virtual phone numbers that can make calls over VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and are easy to use, eliminating the need for an operator or physical phone lines. 

DID numbers can be easily assigned and reassigned to your employees, making them user-friendly for contact centers. Our latest update offers DID management in the ‘Agent’ section, allowing users to manage agents and phone numbers. 

Users can activate/inactivate agents while simultaneously assigning numbers to agents. DID the management view offer insight into numbers purchased and agents assigned to the numbers.

Additionally, users can manage the call forwarding conditions for specific numbers and agents assigned. Assigning a number to an inactive agent will immediately notify the user. 

Watch the video below to learn how to use DID management today:

Global DNC: What is it, and why use it?

DNC stands for Do Not Call, and this feature is crucial for compliance management. Numbers get restricted across all agent accounts when added to the global DNC list.

We highly recommend users use Global DNC when a dialed number wishes not to be contacted again. Using global DNC is very simple. Users can upload numbers either manually or through a CSV file. CSV file uploads accommodate bulk uploads for a large set of numbers. 

Users can search for specific numbers within the number pool, delete numbers individually or by selecting multiple numbers, and get notified if a new number already exists in the database.

The global DNC number pool is an upgrade from our previous DNC. The new global DNC feature restricts calling on all selected numbers. It works as a DNC master key for the admin. Number pools in the DNC are limited to a maximum of two number pools. 

Watch the video below to learn how to use Global DNC today:

What is the Agent Attendance Module, and how does it work?

The agent attendance module is a brand-new feature from Moitele. Users can now directly log work and break hours on the portal. In addition to logging in during work hours, employees can generate timesheets, add notes, and download their work logs. 

Employees can easily access the module by logging in to the agent account using agent credentials. After logging in, employees can start work by toggling on the ‘At Work’ button. Employees can use the break button to initiate break hours. When break mode is activated, all elements of the customer portal are frozen until the employee returns to work. 

Timesheets are accessible under the agent profile. Employees can filter out work logs, quickly view the timestamps, enter daily summaries, and download timesheets. Administrators can access employee timesheet reports directly from the admin account under ‘Reports.’ Date and agent filters allow admins to download the required timesheet. 

Agent attendance module is a tool for enhancing employee accessibility and performance. Watch the video below to learn how to use the agent attendance module:

Frequently asked questions:

How much does an agent account cost?

The first agent account is always free of charge. After the free agent account, users are charged 5 USD per account.

How much do DIDs cost?

The cost of DIDs depends on the country and local area. Users can view the rates when purchasing a new number in Billing. 

How much does the Agent Attendance Module cost?

A new agent account is 5 USD, but the agent attendance module is free and included in the agent account. 

How can I access the agent account?

Agent accounts are accessible using the agent username and password assigned to the admin account. 

What file format does the global DNC accept?

Global DNC accepts the CSV file format. Users can also download a template and fill in the data into the template.

How much does DNC cost?

DNC is free of charge for Moitele users. 

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