Your Moitele experience has kept on improving during the first quarter of 2023. Our development team has fought some bugs, built new feature modules, and made some improvements to enhance user experience. 

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Customer Portal Updates

Introduced the Global Number Pool feature 

Global number pool is a new feature that works as a DNC master key. Users can upload multiple numbers easily and with zero upload friction. 


  • Implemented global number pools in the DNC section 
  • Displayed number pools assigned to users 
  • Allowed users to delete and rename number pools
  • Limited number pool to a maximum of two pools 
  • Displayed uploaded numbers on consecutive pages
  • Fixed an error that prevented users from downloading the template
  • Optimized file upload by creating limitations on file content
  • Introduced progress loader while number upload is in progress
  • Implemented color code notification for number duplication

Introducing the agent attendance module

The agent attendance module is a new feature that allows agents to log work hours and check in/out directly on the Moitele server. Additionally, users can view timesheets, download employee reports, and log break hours. 

  • Built static design for agent attendance
  • Implemented data bindings and created action buttons for the user to check in/out 
  • Integrated the check-in/out APIs (application programming interface)
  • Triggered listing of events in the attendance module
  • Designed the workday progress bar indicating check-in/out and breaks
  • Fixed a continuity error preventing users from check-out 
  • Implemented a pop-up notification in the backend for user check-in/out
  • Added system auto check-out feature when the user forgets to check-out
  • Updated pop-up notification when the user toggles on the button ‘At Work.’
  • Created the section of a new report for agent attendance in the admin profile

DID and Billing Management improvements 


  • Implemented an information note in subscriptions 
  • Improved subscriptions section by allowing users to filter different subscriptions
  • Reduced the width of the price column in subscriptions to improve the UI


  • Removed two columns in DID management in the Agents section
  • Implemented error notification when the user tries to assign DID to inactive agent

Other improvements and bug fixes 

  • Updated reports section to suit Excel sheet matching CDR data
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the user to add symbols in the agent username
  • Added a filter allowing users to display employee analytics from a particular PBX-IP or a device


  • Fixed an issue that caused unnecessary API traffic
  • Fixed a backend issue related to the Caller ID update
  • Fixed some bugs that caused Softphone to combine Caller ID and phone number 


  • Introduced softphone UI to click to call Chrome plugin
  • Added call mute, hold, and recording functionalities to the Chrome Plugin
  • Introduced call probability index to Chrome plugin 

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