Compliance is when businesses follow their due diligence processes in the country of operation. With online globalization, different countries have created laws to protect their consumers and businesses. Contact centers rely on voice over the internet (VoIP) to work efficiently and make calls, and making calls over the internet requires contact centers to be compliance-friendly. Thanks to the latest advances in technology, many tools and features help contact centers be compliant. So how can contact centers be compliant?


Why is maintaining compliance necessary? 

VoIP has opened new doors for contact centers by reducing incurred infrastructure costs, allowing agents to dial numbers globally, work remotely, and many more benefits. However, the advancement of VoIP has also created the requirement to protect the interests of consumers online. Due to compliance laws, contact centers have had to improve their processes to be compliant. 

In today’s world, telephony providers have kept up with the demand and provided features and tools for contact centers to be more compliant. These compliance tools benefit not only contact centers but different types of businesses. Businesses that can identify areas that need improvement in compliance measures to protect themselves legally and can improve their customer’s experience.

Businesses can build a strong business identity when compliance is met and can avoid hefty liability taxes that affect the businesses financially. 


What tools can contact centers use to maintain compliance? 

Latest advancements in technology benefited the VoIP industry with tools such as call recordings, data and analytics, quality analysis, DNC, allow/deny list, and encryption features.


Data and analytics

Data and analytics on calls made, by whom and when, and how frequently help the business understand contact center operations and if action is needed. These analytics help management locate errors and deduct if follow-up or agent training is required. 

When faced with a legal charge or liability, the data and analytics work as proof to elaborate on a situation where an error occurs. Data and analytics provide the necessary evidence when the agents and the business have followed compliance protocol as required.

Additionally, data and analytics collected help understand where the agents have made an error and help resolve it. 


Call recordings

Thanks to call recordings, contact centers can learn from mistakes, improve customer experience, and conduct efficient agent training, and the ability to pause/resume recordings help agents be compliant. 

One of the features of call recordings is the ability to pause/resume an active call recording. In some calls, the customer may need to disclose payment information, and recording such information violates compliance laws. The ability to pause/resume an active recording session protects agents and consumers. 


Quality Analysis tools

Quality control tools help businesses evaluate agent performance further. Call transcriptions and voice pitch analysis offer a glance into a conversation to validate compliance. 

In addition to compliance, quality control tools help businesses improve and understand the customer experience. Investigating the root cause of an error helps avoid making a mistake twice and trains agents to better handle that situation. 


Do Not Call (DNC)

DNC features are one of the original compliance strategies where consumers can restrict their calls. DNC lists streamline the compliance process by allowing/denying numbers from being dialed. Contact center software offers DNC lists that are easy to follow, update and share among agents. 

The DNC compliance list is easy to use when businesses actively update the DNC list. 


Encryption features 

Contact centers handle a lot of personal information, and maintaining proper firewall security, using the most reliable VPNs, and employing encryption tools is required. Many contact center software providers offer additional layers of security to protect the data collected on phone calls.

Encryption tools such as 2-factor authentication and Ip restriction offer an extra layer of security to prevent sensitive information from landing in the wrong hands.

How does Moitele help businesses maintain compliance? 

At Moitele, we take our customer’s data seriously and are GDPR-compliant. We offer different features to help businesses be compliance-friendly. Watch our video below and learn about our compliance features:

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to pay separately for compliance features?

No. Paying customers of Moitele can access and use the compliance features within the customer portal.

What file format do you accept for DNC lists?

Users can upload a CSV file document for DNC lists

How Can I access the EasyQA feature?

 The EasyQA feature can be accessed from the Calls section within the customer portal

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