We are humbled to say that as of March 2023, Moitele offers its users five softphones. Each softphone accompanies unique features suited for a specific need within B2B lead generation businesses. 

This blog post is a guide to all of the Moitele softphone solutions and helps users understand how they work.


Moitele browser softphones

Our browser softphones are one of the first softphones from Moitele. The softphone matches the fast-paced nature of contact centers by giving users an application without download. 

The functionalities of the softphone help users make calls and receive calls with the possibility of recording every call when picked up. Additional features include power keys to help agents execute functions simply using the CTRL + key. 

The newest feature is the call probability index which alerts the agent on the probability of the number dialed. When a call is triggered, users can see the probability bar indicating the three colors and what the colors indicate. All of the functionality of the color codes happens on the backend and does not affect the calling. The call probability index feature is available on browser softphones, CRM widgets, windows softphone applications, and click to call chrome plugin. 

Here is a brief visual on our browser softphone: 

Windows softphone application

Packed with the same functionalities and features, the windows application is the browser softphone downloaded directly on the user’s device. 

We recommend this application to Windows users who would rather have the application than log in on a browser. The user can click numbers to trigger a call that will open on the softphone. 

Features such as power keys and call probability index are also available on this application. 

Moitele CRM extension for Zoho 

The Moitele CRM extension for Zoho is a new softphone introduced for Moitele users using Zoho CRM and other compatible applications from Zoho. Users can add the softphone from the Zoho marketplace and click to call directly from their CRM database. 

The CRM extension works beautifully for teams requiring a calling feature for lead generation. The softphone also works well for providing customer support. The CRM extension offers features such as call probability index and call recording. 

Moitele Callbar for campaigns

Before explaining the Moitele Callbar, we will briefly explain Moitele Campaigns. Campaigns are available in the customer portal, where users can access this softphone. It gives users a minimalistic feel with all the functionalities. 

The campaign is a feature where users can plan a specific calling campaign for a duration, upload an excel sheet with prospects and call directly from the sheet by clicking on the phone number. 

The callbar provides tools such as call hold, mute, recording, and both inbound/outbound calls. The campaigns section is an ideal tool for businesses that run destination-based call campaigns throughout a period. 

Moitele click-to-call browser plugin

Our click-to-call browser plugin has been a customer favorite since the starting days at Moitele. The latest version of the plugin softphone gives users a new user interface and user experience. The new click-to-call plugin gives users the same functionalities as the browser softphone but with the ability to click numbers on web pages to trigger a call on the plugin. 

We highly recommend this plugin for a fast-paced and busy contact center that needs to make calls efficiently and eliminate the need for copying/pasting a number for each call. 

The Moitele click-to-call extension is compatible with all chromium-based browsers like Chrome, Opera, Comodo, Microsoft edge, etc. 

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to pay separately for each of the softphones?

No. Paying customers of Moitele can access and use all these softphones using the agent login credentials.

What operating system do I need to use?

All our softphones are compatible with the latest operating systems. Users need only to make sure their devices are updated. 

Where can I download the Moitele softphone application for Windows from?

You can download the softphone application from the Microsoft store or please follow this link: https://apps.microsoft.com/store/detail/moitele-softphone/9N2KCCT9XFV4

Where can I add the browser plugin from?

Please visit the Chrome Webstore to add the Moitele softphone extension to your browser: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/moitele-click-to-dial/

How can I access the Moitele browser softphone?

Access the Moitele browser softphone by visiting the customer portal, navigating to APPS on the left-hand side panel, and clicking on the chrome vector.

Do I need to have Zoho CRM for the CRM extension?

Yes. Only Zoho users can access our CRM widget from the Zoho Marketplace.

Can I test all these applications?

We provide a test widget for all our applications. Please email us at info@moitele.com, and we will set up a demo for you. 

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