Data mining is a time-consuming job in our everyday operations. This task demands a good number of human resources. Moitele’s Team Management feature had made our daily job more accessible and productive with minimum resources.

Sushant Deshpande

System Administrator, Protocol Leads


Since their establishment in 2016, Protocol Leads has been a growing lead generation company delivering the best in lead generation, marketing, B2B databases and market research. Protocol Leads generates sales for their clients by focusing on online activities, consulting, and finding the best solution for the client’s business. 

Protocol Leads needed a communication platform that enhanced employee productivity and offered tools for centralized data access and team management. The lead generation team at Protocol Leads chose Moitele to be the answer to their questions and maximized on employee productivity using Moitele’s Team management tools. 

Need to reduce operational time and increase efficiency 

To start reducing operational time, the team at Protocol Leads evaluated the efforts made by different team members. They noticed that with the existing processes in place, multiple employees were duplicating efforts for processing the data. The job was getting done, with low efficiency. Access to data is continuous and routinely required to compile business intelligence. 

As a lead generation consultancy, Protocol Leads understood they needed a better solution. For the team, it was important to be able to monitor activities within the contact center platform and collect data in a timely manner. Additionally, team management and campaign tools would be needed to improve  employee efficiency. 

Team management, the solution

Efficiency and soothing the employees work flow went hand in hand when using Moitele’s solutions. The customer portal offered the administration an overview on operational activities and ability to create different teams to manage the workflow. 

Team Management allowed Protocol Leads to create multiple teams within the organization. Protocol leads were also able to assign role based access to various modules. Moitele helped streamline employees tasks and activities by offering specific login for teams. Moitele gave the team straightforward tools to directly enhance their productivity. 

A task that once required multiple skilled employees was now executed by just a single employee for the Protocol Leads team. Detailed reports could be generated within the user portal, eliminating the need for additional downstream data processing applications.


Increased efficiency, happier customers

The ability to assign roles to different members of the organization, gave the team better insights on tasks performed by employees and understanding on how to better delegate tasks. The public dashboard in Moitele’s customer portal gave Protocol Leads insights into their staffing. 

Moitele’s services were designed and built keeping in mind the fast paced and versatile nature of B2B companies that need to deliver efficiently to keep the smiles bright on clients’ faces. 

Growth. Stability. Satisfaction

The team at Protocol Leads now celebrate four satisfactory years with Moitele’s solutions for their business needs. Protocol Leads executives want to keep on using Moitele’s team management feature to help maximize their employee’s efficiency and overall productivity. 

Protocol Leads rely on Moitele’s solutions to deliver the best quality service for their customers. Both the team and their clients have benefited from streamlining their operational activities. 

“We at Protocol Leads are extremely satisfied using Moitele calling services for our lead generation and lead nurturing activities”

Sushant Deshpande

System Administrator, Protocol Leads

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