“With Moitele, we were just able to call clients right away. We could use Moitele to connect with the customer instead of only relying on emails. It was an AHA moment. We could instantaneously reach our prospect with voice calls”

Yuvraj Kewate

Associate Director of Sales, Plobal Apps


Plobal Apps is a leading e-commerce application development company that aims to build applications from scratch for clients’ shopify stores. Plobal Apps creates easy, instant and affordable Mobile e-commerce apps for businesses in different industries. The team realized they needed a VoIP provider that offered tools to connect with their customers better. 


“….opening new doors”

Plobal Apps needed a better alternative to emails to generate and nurture leads. The sales team wanted to try a new innovative way to connect with their customers because they felt they weren’t connected with their clients like they hoped to via email.

The challenges of the team were the following: 

  • Need for a communication platform that offers a hand-on approach,
  • Wean off primary reliance on emails for lead generation because with emails, the team’s leads often went cold
  • Lack of personalization via email 
  • Lack of direct contact required to establish a strong professional connection. 


“If I have your number I can call you, have a chat and it is more personal. Thanks to Moitele we could contact customers instantly with voice calls instead of email.”


Yuvraj Kewate, Associate Director of Sales, Plobal Apps

Plobal Apps and the sales team wanted a VoIP provider that valued on-call customer support and offered flexibility with services. Their search came to an end after they came across Moitele


“Starting with Moitele, flexibility with the small things” 

Moitele offered the sales team at Plobal Apps premium quality voice services and the team were extremely surprised at the results. Moitele’s calling services evolved and offered additional features for the team that went beyond calling. The team could now record calls to map agents’ efficiency and use additional tools such as integrated settings: Webhook URL and compliance management.

Moitele support team strapped on their boots and got down to business when the team required new numbers or timely support. Moitele’s proactive attitude in small matters made a big impression on Plobal Apps. Moitele’s ability to deliver on time was a main factor that helped Plobal Apps choose Moitele as their VoIP provider. 


No limitations, building stronger customer relations” 

Moitele offered the following solutions that helped Plobal Apps enhance their lead generation and connect with global prospects.

  • Moitele’s offered Plobal Apps the ability to make premium quality calls over the internet which removed the need to only rely on email for lead generation
  • Moitele softphones allowed the sales team to reach their customers directly by call and reduced lead nurturing time by 10%. 
  • Moitele offered hands-on support to address Plobal Apps needs.
  • Moitele softphones allowed the sales team to expand their operations and contact sales teams across the globe. 
  • Moitele offered the team virtual phone numbers for 60 different countries, with the capability of managing the DNC and Blacklist. The softphone tools paired with the personalized customer portal made Plobal Apps’s sales team way more efficient.


Improvements made with Moitele

The business phone services from Moitele helped advance Plobal App’s services abroad, thanks to the IVR queue, call transfer capability, call recordings, virtual assistant, analytics, click-to-call integration and Moitele’s intuitive softphone that saved a lot of time for Plobal App’s sales team.


  • Plobal Apps were able to expand their marketing globally 
  • Sales conversion improved by 15%
  • Lead nurturing time was reduced by 10%
  • Sales team training reduced by 3 days for each employee
  • Team productivity improved by 25% 

“If I have a prospect’s number I can call the customer and have a conversation. Voice call facilitates personal and emotional connection. Thanks to Moitele, we could connect with customers instantly.”

Yuvraj Kewate

Associate Director of Sales, Plobal Apps

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