Marketers and business professions across the globe have been working to find the perfect solution to boost customer satisfaction. There are  seven steps, ten steps, strategy funnels, marketing funnels and so on.

Often these strategies fall short because the business fails to focus on the key element: the customer and the employees 

Listening is the first step to understanding, and understanding helps businesses keep their customers satisfied.

Secondly, employees of the business are the first connection a new customer makes. A satisfied employee with the right tools can boost internal efficiency. 


Using Moitele to improve and maintain customer satisfaction

Moitele’s support team is known to answer a query within two minutes max. Satisfied customers are often happy that Moitele agents are available to jump on a call to help with the issue they face. The support team at Moitele, use Moitele softphone and calling widgets to instantaneously reach clients locally and globally. 

The ability to connect with a customer personally using a voice call creates value for the company and in turn generates a satisfied customer. Providing 99.9% uptime, calls made through Moitele have low latency and HD voice, so businesses can make successful calls.

Quality of the calls is key because a customer is not getting the support they need if the voice breaks or the call drops. That sort of issue results in an unhappy customer. 


Employee training and tools for success

The employee is the key tool when engaging with customers. More and more businesses are switching to IVR or chat bots which help businesses narrow down the issue. Regardless, when a customer gets the problem solved by an employee, they receive personalized care. 

For the employee to be able to perform a successful call, it is important that they are provided with training tools that help boost their efficiency. With Moitele’s team management, employees can be assigned roles based on their strengths which helps the employee’s personal growth and the success of the company. 

Call recordings are another simple tool to help measure the success of a call and provide it to future employees. 

There lies a strong correlation between a satisfied customer and a satisfied employee. It is up to the management to decide the proper communication tools to introduce to its  that in turn makes customers happy. 

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