The technology used to communicate within the businesses keeps evolving to guarantee efficiency and productivity. Every business wants to be able to be efficient and provide the best customer experience. Today different management systems provide multiple tools under one big cozy umbrella. Why is that?  

User experience and interface

UX and UI are words crucial to any business providing business solutions or tools. Moitele is constantly working on this particular element: providing users with a better experience and interface. 

A better user experience mitigates a lot of onboarding pain points for the user and an ideal interface helps save time. Example: If a user has to click five times for one action compared to two times. Then the platform providing the fastest way wins the round.

A platform that provides tools for team management, calling, campaign management, data & analytics and CRM integrations makes things simpler on the user’s end. 


Customer journey management

When all key tools for interacting with a customer from the prospect phase to the paying customer phase are under one roof, it makes it easier for the business to offer quality care and support for the customer.

Additionally, for smaller businesses, it allows all the teams to be aware of the activities executed to bring in new customers. 


Cost efficiency

Each system can be different depending on the provider of that businesses’ solution. There will be training required for the employees and also extra manpower to entertain the customers and leads on each end of that tool.

With Moitele business can smoothly manage customer satisfaction and generate new leads, all under the same roof.


Customer service

24×7 customer support is present in all famous business solutions but how much time does a business have to contact the customer support of tools they use from different providers? 

With Moitele, users can contact the support team 24×7 and ask questions about all offerings and tools. All of Moitele’s support agents are trained to be experts on all our tools so custom support is done with quality and efficiency.

Next week, our team brings you some exciting news on a customer portal update. We have added an extra layer of authentication for our users. Stay tuned 💙

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