The scalability and cost efficiency of Moitele is the favorite element of startups and SME’s alike. As the business grows, Moitele’s versatility expands with business needs. Today, we will share how small to medium businesses can grow and expand using Moitele.


Businesses only need a good network connection and a computer to set up Moitele’s communication within the office.  Additionally, for employees who work from home, cloud calling connects all the members of the organization with each other and with their customers and clients.

Small businesses have a lot of incurring expenses in order to grow and Moitele’s ease of access tools gets the entire organization on its feet ready to start pitching/promoting their product and/or service to the world.

Sales and client outreach

The softphone from Moitele connects business from anywhere to anywhere. Businesses can access it from the office or from home, make calls to over 60 destinations with international numbers providing a fair price per call. 

It is a taboo that small businesses shouldn’t expand globally. Current globalization and connectivity allows any business to reach anywhere in the world given they have the right tools and strategy. Moitele works as a catalyst to connect businesses to its partners and clients globally.

Sales teams can easily drop cold calls, maintain customer support and communicate internally using Moitele softphone on their computer. Moitele strives to be simple and often no onboarding or training is required due to the universal and straightforward nature of the tools. 

CRM integration and a happy customer experience

The ability to integrate a CRM calling widget into the CRM database gives the business an edge in mitigating pain points with customer service. Customers can directly be dialed using Moitele Callbar which works as a calling toolbar taking minimal space in a standard computer window. Satisfied and happy customers provide excellent testimonials which cements the trust in the company when marketing globally. 

Click to dial, never miss a lead

Click to dial feature from Moitele is compatible in most used browsers which allows the sales team to execute a call simply by clicking a number. This feature is extremely handy when multiple leads need to be contacted during a campaign season. Click to call reduces the time it takes to find a number, save it into the CRM Database and then dial. 

Multi-faceted and the modern tool for all businesses and SME’s alike

Different sizes of business benefit from using Moitele due to the adaptability of different tools. Calling over the internet is simply one of many tools. Users can create and manage teams, collect data analytics, assign role-based access, campaign management and the best element is that Moitele offers different kinds of calling tools depending on the business needs. 

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