Moitele is built to offer users an intuitive platform so businesses can have all their lead generation needs met. From generating leads to following up on customer interaction within the business, Moitele is the simple answer to what can be a complex process at times.

The calling widgets and tools when paired with the customer portal create a smooth flow during outbound lead generation. Businesses are equipped with tools such as call recordings, reports, compliances tools, and team management, allowing them to facilitate a satisfying customer experience.


Modern problems require modern solutions. Businesses have bid farewell to the days of manually calling prospects using a physical phone. Why is that? The lack of simplicity, reach, adaptability and infrastructure of landlines are a few reasons why cloud calling is replacing traditional methods. 

Regardless of the method used to communicate, one thing remains common: voice adds a personal touch. In the digital age of lead generation, Moitele enables users to make quality calls over the internet, across different parts of the world and the setup time is minimal. 

Easily set up a calling hub with tools available at most offices: an internet connection, a computer/laptop, and a headset (optional). 



The first steps towards effective lead generation begin with lead attraction and targeting. Users can choose any of the softphone apps –  desktop app, browser softphone, or a callbar that can be easily integrated into a CRM to execute high-quality calls within seconds. These calls can be made over the internet and to any location where the prospective customer target group lies. 

For new agents, the facility to call record provides a great chance to improve lead targeting skills. Admin users can utilize the customer portal to group agents to different teams, and create team members with role-based access to various modules such as reports, listen-to recordings, billing, MIS, and delivery. Reports and analytics offer insights for the team leaders that ease the entire lead generation process.

The tools within the user portal when paired with a buyer persona offer users the required knowledge to proceed to the next stage of lead nurturing. 



There are two possible outcomes post lead engagement: lead conversion and cold leads. The stage of engagement requires agents to consistently and constantly provide the prospects with the information they require to make the decision. 

The tool we recommend for this stage is Moitele Callbar. The simple toolbar calling tool can be integrated into users’ CRM database to execute quick and efficient calls. If paired with the Moitele user portal, the callbar provides access to call recordings, reports, team management, and campaign management. 

Team management is another tool Moitele offers that helps businesses to organize their lead nurturing strategies further. Target the leads based on the location and service by classifying your agents into specific teams. Strategic action at this stage is crucial to converting the leads to customers. 


The stage where that lead becomes a paying customer. This stage requires a lot of back and forth between a business’s sales leads and prospects. There is a lot of negotiating, proposals laid out and discussions before the lead becomes a paying customer. 

Moitele recommends users to use the browser softphone and pair it with the customer portal to keep track of the leading prospects close to making a decision. 

The browser softphone is easy to access from any major browser and provides all the tools needed to start managing future customers. This is also an excellent tool for after-sales, receiving feedback, and providing customer support as the fledgling customer gets introduced to the businesses’ services or products.



A lead generation hub powered by Moitele can offer businesses more than lead generation tools. The hub provided by the softphone, customer portal and calling widgets is excellent to keep track of new customers and also keep customers satisfied.

Moitele Callbar when integrated with user’s CRM, allows for quick interaction with customers, helping businesses guarantee efficient customer support. 

Grow. Innovate. Interact. Join the modern way to communicate with leads. 

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