We would like to share some exciting news with you. As of June, Moitele is a registered trademark across the European Union.

The past few years, Moitele has been growing rapidly in terms of technology and size. With infrastructure across different countries, our services are a result of collective efforts to execute the Moitele vision:

Providing modern and quality communication services for businesses across the world.


What are Moitele’s latest services and tools for B2B lead generation?

In the journey of providing the best for our customers, our latest efforts have been to  improve the ease of access within our services. Moitele customer portal has been updated to provide users with quick tools and added layers of security.

Moitele’s classic softphone has been updated to be faster, smoother and more intuitive to the user’s needs. The same intuitive features are the base for the new minimalistic tool from Moitele: Moitele Callbar

Moitele Callbar will be available to anyone and everyone who needs a minimalistic calling tool that can be easily integrated into the CRM database. Users can smoothly make calls, record calls, add calls, and much more within this simple toolbar.

Moitele is also a registered service in Finland, its origin country. We are happy to serve you from the happiest country in the world. 

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A registered trademark across the european union

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