This week Team Moitele ® brings you the latest software developments on our new tool the Moitele Callbar. Learn what it is and how it has been built to offer an extra boost to users in day  to day lead generation activities.

Moitele Callbar: What is it? 

Moitele’s new Callbar provides users with that sleek, minimalist feel powered by cloud calling that ensures efficiency in all ways imaginable. The flexibility of the Moitele Callbar allows users to integrate it with any CRM database to smoothly make calls to leads. 

When integrated into the CRM database, calling can be executed within seconds eliminating the need to copy/paste numbers frequently. Agents can simply trigger a call by clicking the number in the CRM directory and execute inbound/outbound calls, record calls, transfer calls and switch engines based on operating systems and network availability.


Why use the Moitele ® Callbar? 

The adaptability of the callbar is what sets it apart. Setting up is simple and calls can be triggered easily within the CRM database. Additionally Moitele Callbar provides users with the minimalist look that offers 99.9% uptime so users can make quality calls using the power of cloud PBX. 

Join the future of cloud communications with Moitele Callbar. This flexible and advanced tool helps businesses improve their customer experience by being able to swiftly mitigate support issues. 

When integrated into the CRM database, support becomes switer, more efficient and saves the business man hours. What once took three agents to execute a task can now be easily done with one agent.

The callbar not only improves efficiency in business operations, but minimizes the amount of time it would take an agent to execute one successful call.


The modern way to communicate with clients

Built by the best minds in the industry, the callbar is created to offer a modern way to make calls. Gone are the days where everything needs to be done manually and with double the effort.

Unlike many online calling widgets, Moitele’s callbar takes up little to no space and can be adaptable based on the user’s needs and CRM database structure. 


An exclusive sneak peek on Moitele Callbar

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