Moitele’s user portal compliance features are a necessary tool when businesses set out to do certain campaigns that target specific destinations and to blacklist numbers that no longer wish to be called.

Using these tools helps the business manage campaigns efficiently and also respect compliance regulations of different countries.

This year, Moitele’s compliance features have received a good spruce to offer ease of access to users.

Active destination, how does it work?

Active destinations allow users to choose destinations to which the agent can freely make calls to. During campaign periods, companies target specific countries and active destination allows agents to make calls to the targeted countries.

Users can name the active destination list, add team members and update the list as required. The video below will illustrate how this feature can be used.

Blacklist feature, how to start using it?

The blacklist feature has been updated so users can easily enter blacklist numbers either manually or by uploading a CSV list to the portal.

Having an updated blacklist saves the business from legal liabilities regarding compliance. An agent makes multiple calls during the day and this feature helps from the wrong number being dialed.

Watch the video below to learn how easily users can use Moitele’s blacklist feature.

Easy to access downloads section

In this blog post, we will also briefly discuss the updates in the ‘Downloads’ section of the user portal. Users can now view the progress of the downloads. Larger files and downloads may take some time and now users can view the level of progress. 

Once a download has been triggered, the user will be notified via email that the downloads are ready. The downloads can then be found in the ‘Downloads’ section of the customer portal.

Watch the video to see the updates in the ‘Downloads’ section.

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