Moitele user portal updates introduces improved logic and advanced user interface that allows users to swiftly execute multiple actions with a few strokes of the keyboard. One of the new features allow users to view active ongoing calls made by the agents on Moitele softphone. This feature will give clarity on call status, elapsed time, username, caller ID and destination.

The active call feature paired with the ‘Reports’ section gives users a detailed understanding of team performance. In addition to call recordings, detailed agent and employee reports help users evaluate performance skills to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.


What are the benefits of using active call tracking and reports?

The features are extremely easy to use and no special on-boarding is required. Users can access active calls in the ‘Calls’ section and ‘Reports’ can be generated in a new section solely created for ‘Reports’  Downloads are generated instantly and users can download the data in CSV format.

Bird’s eye view on all active agents

Users can monitor all active calls by viewing destinations dialed, call duration, call status, user ID and call success rate. Fresh data is generated every 60 seconds and this tool is excellent during campaigns to monitor agents. Here at Moitele, stale data is a non existent term as we strive to offer clarity in the information provided to users.

Ability to evaluate agent skills

Employee and agent reports offer admins insights on employee and agent performance. The data is simple and concise providing details on calls answered and unanswered. The total count of calls made by the agent help management evaluate individual agent and employee performance. 

Long term data monitoring 

Data is a valuable resource to a business. Reports allow the business to consistently gather data and work towards employee efficiency and create goals towards successful lead generation practices. Moitele’s call recordings paired with reports and call tracking offer insights and downloadable data that can be used to map long term goals. 

Reward top performing agents

Reports show outstanding performance of agents and employees executing successful calls and allows administration to reward the performance. Rewards are an excellent incentive to motivate employees to keep up the good work.

Improve customer satisfaction

A successful and efficient team is beneficial to the company and its customers. Live call tracking and reports allows the business to improve agent training resulting in satisfied and loyal customers. 

Agent training can be executed by using Moitele’s call recordings, call tracking and report generator. These three tools allow the admin to understand the agent’s performance better and provide the needful guidance to succeed. 


Why use active call tracking and reports? 

An active team with proper reports, awareness on team performance and strength give businesses an opportunity to grow and improve from different aspects. Agent training can be improved using these tools and also gives the businesses an opportunity to understand their employees better and mitigate any points they face. 

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