This month, Moitele brings in-depth details of our new updates and tips to make the best of what Moitele has to offer. The customer portal serves as the focal point for activities such as monitoring calls, accessing recordings, updating account balance, creating agents, managing teams and the DNC.

Today our topic will focus on team management, the new updates and how to use them. Let’s get started.


The importance of team management tools 

A successful team can achieve their goals efficiently often thanks to a team lead that steers the team in the right direction. End of the day, a team lead would also require additional backup and this is where team management tools come in.

Team management tools simplify the process of designating an employees responsibility and roles. When goals are clear, the tasks are achieved in a timely manner. These tools minimize confusion as to who does what, when and how. 


What team management tools does Moitele provide?

A team lead has a birds eye view when using Moitele’s team management tools. Users can create new teams, add team members, define team member roles and assign team members to the campaigns and kickstart the lead generation cycle. 

All these functions can be performed simultaneously and the user interface has been updated to boost operational efficiency. The update allows users to save time and continue onward to tasks that require attention. 


How to use Moitele’s team management tools?

In this section, we will break down how to use each feature within the team management section.

Create Your Team

Easily create teams based on tasks, roles and ongoing campaigns. While you create your team you can also add team members, assign them to active destination, blacklist and filter through agents you would like to add to the team. 

Add Team members

Create team members and assign them to the corresponding teams while being able to create new teams. Users can also create and assign new roles. The fluidity of the whole process saves users a lot of time. 

Define And Assign Roles

Name roles and assign different user roles for the team. Additional drop down menu allows users to further specify team member roles to offer further clarity. 

Monitor The Data

Easily monitor the data within the teams section by pasting the URL to the webhook site where users can log all the actions performed. 

Watch the video below to understand how smooth and efficient team management is with Moitele. 


Using the team management tools


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