wheTwo factor authentication provides an additional layer of security when logging into an online application (in addition to the username and password). Adding this extra layer of authentication protects you from compromised passwords. Password leaks are a cyber threat and can put you in situations where crucial information stored in your online account is misused or stolen. 

There are many methods of authentication such as OTP (one-time password via SMS), email or SMS confirmation, biometric login using facial features or finger print and one-time password code generator. 

Moitele now offers you a email authentication method in addition to the classic username/password method. Moitele’s first step password authentication requires you to create a strong password on sign up and when paired with email authentication gives you 2FA to keep your account and information secure.

How to activate Moitele two factor authentication?

Login to your user account at www.app.moitele.com and navigate to the settings page. Here, you will find a toggle bar that allows you to turn on two factor authentication.

Remember to click on save and your changes will be updated successfully. Watch the video below to learn how to activate two factor authentication:

How to login after activating two factor authentication?

After activating two factor authentication, your account will be secured. You can now access your account by entering your username and password at www.app.moitele.com to trigger the email link. 

Login by clicking the “Sign in now” button, in the email you receive whenever you access your account.

Watch the video below to check out how to login after two factor authentication:

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