Earlier this year we mentioned that there will be new things to look forward to regarding the Moitele user portal, and today is the day we reveal the new and amazing updates on our portal.

Hold on to your seats and let us begin. 

View active calls 

Calls section has always been the most useful section allowing users to view incoming/outgoing calls, agents, numbers dialed, display name and every key information crucial to calls made. 

We have spiced this section further to offer you an insight on active calls. The page refreshes every 60 seconds to give you fresh and accurate data. Check out our video below to see live calls in action.


All new reports section

Yes, you read that correctly. We added a new section solely to generate employee and agent analytics. Generated reports can be downloaded via a link sent to your email.

Teams section

Say hello to a new and improved teams section. The ease of access in using this section has significant improvement. You can create team members while creating roles and teams in the same creation box. Watch the video below to learn more

Compliance and Blacklist

The DNC section now allows you to add a number to the blacklist directly and also through the traditional CSV format. This update is excellent when you need to add a single number to the blacklist and need not create a new sheet solely for one number.


Downloads section

View the progress of your downloads after initiating a download in the agents, calls, teams and dashboard.

Two-factor authentication

We saved the best for last as always. Two-factor authentication can be set up in settings. Keep your information safe by activating two-factor authentication.


We believe in information and in offering users access to all details of their actions. This new update will take information to the next level.

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