You have heard, seen and probably experienced our tools over the last few weeks but today we will explain how our new calling tools and widgets can be used according to your needs. 

Calling widget 

Your favorite softphone is available in full capacity integrated with your CRM database to quickly initiate calls. This widget embraces the classic Moitele softphone and aligns it with your call directory to make efficient calls. 


Integrate it directly into your existing CRM database and add numbers from your directory. Tutorial video to follow in the upcoming weeks. 

For users who:

Moitele’s calling widget is an excellent choice for users who like the classic Moitele softphone but also want to easily access their CRM database. Set up your widget and click on the call icon to start making efficient calls. 

Moitele call-bar

The call-bar is beautifully designed to take up minimal space. We created this call-bar keeping in mind the users who want a simple dialer with the same features of Moitele’s classic softphone. 


Easily integrate Moitele call-bar into your CRM database and have the call-bar at the bottom. The positioning is excellent to have a birds eye view of all your actions.

For users who: 

For our minimalistic users who want a tool that takes up the least space while performing effectively allowing you to achieve your goals. 


Click-to-call is one of our original tools which allows you to click on numbers on webpages to make quick calls during voice campaigns.


Click-to-call is available as an extension on Google webstore and once installed, you can make calls from web pages. Call is initiated in your Moitele desktop or browser application

For users who:

The click-to-call extension is highly recommended for users who are in the process of calling potential companies and clients outside your existing database. Simply visit a webpage and initiate the call. Simple as cake. 

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