Our team decided to do things a bit differently today as we give you a glimpse at what is happening at our end. Our team at Moitele have been hard at work over the past year to bring you and our clients new ways to use our services. 

Our user experience and user interface have significantly improved to provide you with the ease of access you deserve in your lead generation efforts. 

We will summarize the advances we have made and explain what that means for you. If you aren’t our customer but are interested, you can drop us a message and we can discuss your needs over virtual coffee.


UX and UI improvements in Moitele user portal

Moitele user portal is the hub where all activities are recorded to offer you an understanding of your agents and download data crucial to your business.

The logic within the portal has been improved to make on-boarding simple. We understand when moving to a new software, you require simplicity in on-boarding so you can resume functionality as soon as possible.

We believe that complexity does not always mean ease of access. Our services are easy to use while guaranteeing the quality in calls, customer support and overall customer satisfaction.

In  the upcoming weeks, you can view live calls on the customer portal in addition to two-factor authentication, and ability to download reports and observe the downloading stage. We want our users to have a transparent and seamless experience while using Moitele.


The same softphone you love, looks even better now 

This year has been significant for our softphone development. You asked and we listened. We have updated our softphone servers, increased the call quality and ease of use within the softphone. You will notice more clarity in using and navigating through the softphone.

Additionally, this update has been applied to our new tools and widgets powered by the softphone. We hate to be all talk, watch the video to have a look at Moitele’s updated softphone that is live now. 

Moitele softphone, now also a calling widget

Moitele’s calling widget is simple as it is practical. We came to understand that our users needed ways to stay time efficient. This led us to creating a calling widget that can be integrated into your CRM database to smoothly make calls.

The Moitele calling widget is our team’s personal favorite as it allows us to execute our favorite functions while offering our customers instantaneous response and support.

Moitele’s call-bar function

Our team at Moitele have big dreams and when we created the calling widget, our CEO had an idea to take that further and provide our users with a simple callbar that can be integrated to the users CRM. 

The Moitele call-bar is designed to take up little to no space while allowing users to execute calls, record them, call transfer, and everything users do in the Moitele softphone app. We will give you a deeper insight and look at Moitele’s callbar in the upcoming weeks. 

Stay tuned. As you have read, our team has been busy this year and we are very excited to show you more. Follow us on LinkedIn and stay updated with Moitele.

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