Customer experience is the building block for business development and growth. The digital age has enabled customers to share, broadcast, and express their experiences with businesses, and reviews can be profitable or challenging.

So, how can businesses navigate through the digital age of customer support and deliver a positive customer experience? Cloud-based telephony helps add value to the customer experience by offering fewer waiting times, faster call routing, and customized experiences with cloud-based telephony. 

The Moitele cloud-telephony service is a one-stop umbrella platform that offers call quality analysis, campaigns, data analytics, compliance management, and performance tools to help enhance customer experience. 


Value-added customer interactions

What does it mean to add value? Adding value means enhancing an existing solution with additional offerings and tools. Moitele offers different tools to understand customer needs, reach customers faster, and help agent performance. 

Customer experience is a challenge approachable from different angles. Customer support and experience are not mutually exclusive, but significantly improving customer service does have an overall impact on customer experience. Customers are often willing to be patient and even pay more if their customer experience is satisfactory. 


What tools from Moitele help enhance customer experience?

The Moitele customer portal is a hub of communication tools and features that help improve employee flexibility and performance. It is easier for employees to tackle customer experience challenges with the right tools.

Role-based access grants different members of a team access to the customer portal based on their titles. The admin can decide what sections are accessible by whom and update their rights accordingly. Agents can log in using the agent module, log hours, access call data, and quality analysis tools. 

Role-based access simplifies team organization and helps create a game plan on who handles what with the customer. Agents can be assigned call quality analysis tools, campaign calls, data, and compliance management. 


Call Quality Analysis

Analyzing a phone call helps pinpoint what areas can be improved. The Moitele easy call quality analysis tools come with three cornerstones: call recordings, voice pitch analysis, and auto-generated transcriptions for calls over one minute. 

Each tool helps agents monitor the calls and measure the support quality provided to customers. Call recordings are an effective way to document successful calls and replicate the effort with other customers. 

Transcriptions from call recordings function as an onboarding script for new agents, and voice pitch analysis helps understand how the agent responds to a customer. Often agents interact with unhappy customers, and it is imperative to approach the situation calmly and collected. 

Call quality monitoring is a two-way street where agent efforts and customer feedback should align. Thanks to the call quality analysis tools, agents and admins can reflect on customer interactions to understand improvement areas. 

Additionally, active call monitoring gives managers an overview of agents and ongoing calls. 


Campaign Calling 

The campaign module gives the sales team a call management module to organize customer interaction and create tags. Campaign data allows users to upload customer contact details with the possibility of bulk downloads. 

When the data is ready, users can create teams and assign them to campaigns. In the teams’ module, users can give team members a specific role about their tasks, and these roles consist of tags that help organize a customer interaction. In the VoIP industry, we call these tags: disposition codes. 

Disposition codes help classify different interactions with customers and create a follow-up action. If there is an unhappy customer, the disposition code alerts the next team handling the campaign. The agents can now create a relevant follow-up for the customer. When the campaign date is assigned, and once the campaign starts, all data become available as read-only. 


Data and Compliance management

Each section in the Moitele customer portal provides data management tools that allow users to document and download the data. Data is power in the digital age, and businesses can learn more about how customers are being served by analyzing the call data. 

Reports and dashboard analytics give an overview of agents, calls made, duration of calls, and average statistics on calls made. This data helps understand agent performance and where they may need help. Successful agent training and performance management are other ways to help businesses improve their customer experience.

Compliance management helps businesses follow global compliance laws and provide customers with a reliable, trustworthy, and transparent customer experience. Customer experience is significantly improved when they feel secure interacting with a business. Throughout a phone call, there is a back and forth between sensitive data shared, and careful following compliance builds trust between the customer and business.

The Moitele global DNC, local DNC, and active destination selection help manage and follow compliance securely. We highly recommend all our active users use the compliance module to improve business trustworthiness with customers.

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